Monday, April 27, 2009

New "Tough Plush" Toys for Latte!

I'll tell you what!! The blogging world is so awesome. After I posted about how Latte destroys practically every single toy we buy her my blog friend, Ashley over at Brainwork sent me a message saying she would love to send me some toys for Latte. She works at a dog toy distributor in VA and she sent me a TON OF TOYS! I was so excited when I got the package today and Latte LOVES her new toys and has not destroyed anything yet! Woohoo!
Most of the toys Ash sent are called "Tough Plush" and they're awesome!! If you have a crazy puppy like me, I recommend getting some of these!

What we got:
(1) Booda Dog Collar
(1) Booda Wing A Ball
(1) Booda Floppy Disc "Small Fry"
(2) Booda Bone-Multi Color (rope)
(1) Booda Fresh 'N Floss (rope) contains fluoride and baking soad!!! :)
(2) Booda Tuff Plush Long Friends (one is a cow and the other is a lion)
(2) Booda Tuff Plush Rug Dogs
(1) Bag of Yogurt Flavor Booda Bones
So I want to send out a big thanks for my friend Ashley and thank her so much for being so sweet and sending us some awesome toys! Thanks girl! Enjoy the pictures! The quality is not that great...the lighting was off and Latte was moving around alot! haha

Her favorite toy! :)


Jen B. said...

Awesome! I hope she enjoys all the new toys!

Emily said...

ahhh.. she is set:) lucky lil pup:)

ash said...

glad she liked them! I'm sending the photos on to aspen!

Alicia Mae said...

Aww Latte Loves those toys!!!

Cindy said...

OK really you are going to have to tell me how this stuff goes after a few week, or maltese chews EVERYTHING to shreads. I can not wait to find out how these do. Oh, and I want specifics.