Monday, March 30, 2009

My New Furniture!

I had such a great weekend! Friday, I was home sick with a UTI and I'm feeling much better today. Those things are usually rough for me when I have them so I went straight to the hospital on Thursday night when I felt the pain coming on. Anyway, my furniture got her Friday morning bright and early and my washer and dryer followed in the afternoon. My new stuff looks great! It's starting to feel like a real apartment now that I don't have an air matress and lawn charis in my living room! are some pictures of my new stuff.

Saturday was my company picnic. It was alot of fun. David and I went and met up with Michael and Alicia. We hung out for a couple of hours then headed back home. We wanted to check out the beach but it was too windy and sand was blowing everywhere. That evening David and I went to Carrabba's for dinner (I was craving Lobster Ravioli..hehe) then we met up with Alicia and Michael at the movie's and saw The Haunting in Connecticut. WOW...I don't usually see scary movies, but I went anyway. It was pretty scary, I have to admit and apparently it's based on a true story...hmmm....??
Sunday it rained during the morning time so David and I watched Fireproof. What a GREAT movie. I cried so many times. I recommend everyone to see that movie, especially anyone who is married. It has such a good meaning about marriage.

Oh and get this....we watched TWILIGHT on Friday night and guess who LOVED IT? David liked it. He told me not to tell everyone on my blog but I had to because he swore up and down he wouldn't like it. So in exchange for me seeing that scary movie, he's going to read the first book in the series. I will keep you updated with how that goes!
I can't wait for this weekend. My little sister and her BFF are coming in Saturday and staying with me for their Spring Break until next Thursday, then the three of us are driving back to Charleston for Easter! I can't wait! :)
Well I'm going to head to bed soon. I am sleepy today. I hope everyone had a great Monday! :)


Missy said...

LOVE your new furntiture! Very nice!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Terri said...

Love the furniture! It looks great!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the movie Fireproof! I cried as well! said...

I'm loving it!

Enjoy ")

Angela said...

Looking good girl. Glad you had a wonderful weekend. See you next weekend!

Alicia Mae said...

woo hoo!!! The furniture looks just GORGEOUS!! :) YAY!! I'm glad you posted pics!
Man...all this talk about Twilight and I really need to see it.

Ryan said...

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