Sunday, February 1, 2009

Flying with a dog help?!

I am going to D.C. for work in a few weeks and I am staying with some friends while I am there. I am not sure what to do with my pup....if I leave her here (with a friend who offered to dog-sit) I will be away from her for an entire week :( I was thinking about taking her with me but I don't know how that works or how much it costs. Does anyone out there know anything about flying with a a carry-on?? Any help or advice would be great! :)


Following Him said...

My advice is to look at the airline's website. They usually answer any questions.

Emily said...

American airlines allows you to fly with your pup.She will have to be in a carrier... you are not supposed to get her out.. but I did... hid her under a blanket.... give her a half of a benadryl and she will conck out... it cost a 100 dollars I believe... worth it to me

Rachael said...

i wish i had adivce, but i have never flown with a dog before. make sure you check with the airline for specifics, my sister and her boyfriend tried to fly with their little guy and he had grown too big for his cage (they have to be able to turn around). good luck!