Friday, January 23, 2009

25 Random Things About Me!

1. I am a cheese fanatic. I like all cheeses except for Swiss cheese unless it's the Laughing Cow brand swiss cheese imported from France. Now that is some good stuff :)

2. I have a deep obsession with Greys Anatomy and Private Practice. I have never missed a single episode. I feel like I know the characters personally. I know, sad....

3. I just recently realized that I a damn good cook :) No joke!

4. My worst habit EVER is biting my nails....they were long...about 2 days much for that!

5. I am a total clean freak....every now and then. Like today, I cleaned my apartment from top to bottom and worked hard for a solid 3 hours straight! It was great! And my place smells good and looks great!

6. I absolutely LOVE bubbles baths :) Especially now in my huge garden tub!

7. I love to read and scrapbook but I never take the time out to do it.

8. I would like to become a professional photographer one day. I love photography and wish I knew everything there was to know in the world about it.

9. I was madly in love with Leonardo DeCaprio when I was in the 6th grade (year that Titanic came out).

10. I think sunsets are one of God's most amazing creations. Everyday is different. I've never seen the same sunset twice.

11. I think I have the coolest puppy in the world :)

12. I have had cancer before. Melanoma to be exact. Thank God it was caught early on, but now I have to get skin exams every few months for the rest of my life and no more sun bathing (not that I ever did much of that before anyway).

13. Keith Urban is my favorite country artist. Following close behind is Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift and Rascall Flatts. Sadly I have seen Kenny Chesney 6 times in concert and Keith Urban 3 times! Taylor Swift once and RF never.

14. I would love to sky dive but I know that I never ever will. I also know that if I did it, I would probably love it and would want to do it again.

15. I own about 10-12 different pairs of high heels and I never wear them because they kill my feet. But I'm hoping, one day, that I will get over it and deal with the pain until my feet adjust to favorite pair are my black and white polka dotted ones....

16. I get to go home and visit the weekend of Feb 20th!!!! :) Oh yeah and Latte is flying with me!

17. Football has never really interested me much, but now since I live in a big city with a pretty good team, I have declared myself an official fan of the Tampa Bay Buccanners!

18. I am having a hard time deciding on which license plate to get at the DMV next week. It's a tie between the Tampa Bay Bucs tag or the Save the Sea Turtles it sad that the tie is between those two??!

19. I totally had Chic Fil A today and I am suppose to be on a weigh watchers diet. Looks like I am having salad for dinner!

20. Oh by the way....I lost 1 pound after my first week. Whoop de do!

21. I am wearing shorts right now while everyone else in the country North of St. Pete is wearing jeans and sweaters! HAH!

22. I bought a George Forman grill today. I can't wait to use it!

23. I enjoy Yoga....but it's too hard and I'm too weak! haah

24. I think about my family every single day and I miss them alot but to be honest I am not homesick at all.

25. I absolutely love living here in St.Petersburg and I am so glad that God led me here :)

Join in on the fun! :) Thanks Mandy!


Elaine said...

Sure nice getting to know a few more things about you. I love the George Forman grill.

Rachael said...

what a fun post!

Missy said...

Great post! Learned more about you! I may have to steal your idea one day!

Mandy and Jack said...

These are cute!! I wish we could scrapbook together!!