Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Saturday!

I woke up this morning and my thermostat said 66 degrees! I don't ever use my heater or air conditioner because the weather is always so nice here. Last night, out of no dropped down into the 30's! Ok uhm....I thought the cold front was gone?? I just checked out the weather and we have one more night of in the 30's then it jumps right back up in time for the Superbowl!
Thank GOD! Needless to say....I cut my heater on so that the temperature inside could be right at about 74 (perfect!).

So it's pretty neat that the Superbowl is literally 10 minutes from me and Sunday night I will probably be able to go outside and see the fireworks display in the sky over the Tampa Bay! What a beautiful city they picked to host the superbowl this year!!! Too bad I don't have tickets...I guess I will be watching it on my small tv. I got invited to a big superbowl party but I havent' decided if I am going to go yet or not. Maybe or Maybe not??

David is coming over today :) We are going to the mall (in Tampa, which actually might be a bad idea because of the traffic from the Superbowl) today then I am cooking him dinner again to celebrate for his birthday! :) He turned 23 yesterday! Hopefully this dinner will turn out a little bit better than the last dinner that I made.....eeehk...we won't even go there.

So I am off to clean my house, like every weekend, and grab some breakfast and maybe go get some groceries! It's a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, too bad it's freezing outside or else I would spend my day out there!

Happy Saturday everyone! And don't forget to Vote for Latte PLEASE!!! It only takes a few seconds!! Thanks everyone!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dinner was awesome.......

Last night.......left me speachless :)

I am heading over to David's house now.....hope everyone is enjoying their fabulous Thursday! :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vote for Latte!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Vote for Latte!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys! I need a huge favor from all of you if you don't mind! I've entered the picture of Latte above into a pet MVP photo contest being hosted by Bissell! :) Follow the link and make sure you vote for Week 3: January 27th thru Feb 3, 2009! You can't vote until January 27th but I wanted to go ahead and post this! I will send out reminders! So PLEASE go vote for my baby girl! Latte wants to be famous! Thanks everyone!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday!!! :)

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to">her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week."/>

I did not run 2 miles today and make my puppy run .5 of those 2 miles beside me! Not Me! That would be cruel! haha

I did not pass gas out loud at work today because I thought it would be a silent one. I did not look straight ahead and continue walking down the aisle of cubicles filled with people I know who did not hear me pass gas.

I did not just laugh because my dog is dragging my tennis shoe across the living room and continue to laugh because I would rather continue my Not Me Monday post instead of getting up to get my only pair of nice tennis shoes.

I did not get super excited when I found out today that I will get to travel to San Diego, CA and Chicago, IL for work training seminars!! Yahoo!! :) I have never been off the eastern coast...except for the west coast of Florida...does that count?!

I did not eat way too many gummy bears today!

I did not talk to my daddy twice today and my momma only once! ;)

I did not leave the 2 loads of laundry that I washed this weekend by my front door yesterday only to have those same 2 loads still sitting by my front door. Of course those 2 loads of clothes are not clean and they should not be put away and I am not a lazy butt!!

I did not turn into a coupon monster this past weekend and realize how much fun it was to save money! :) I did not spend $70 at Publix and save $40 by having coupons and buying stuff on sale!

I did not just totally spank my dogs ass because she thought it would be funny to play ring around the rosies outside in the yard. She is not totally obsessed with eating treated bark and I am not totally aggrivated that we have to go through the same routine every single time we go outside! Raaaar!!!

I did not just feel bad for spanking her because she is so not giving me that look....*sigh*

I did not just bake myself a sweet potato and I am not going to go enjoy it!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great one like I did! :)

Oh yeah...guess who is coming over Wednesday AND Saturday??!! :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

25 Random Things About Me!

1. I am a cheese fanatic. I like all cheeses except for Swiss cheese unless it's the Laughing Cow brand swiss cheese imported from France. Now that is some good stuff :)

2. I have a deep obsession with Greys Anatomy and Private Practice. I have never missed a single episode. I feel like I know the characters personally. I know, sad....

3. I just recently realized that I a damn good cook :) No joke!

4. My worst habit EVER is biting my nails....they were long...about 2 days much for that!

5. I am a total clean freak....every now and then. Like today, I cleaned my apartment from top to bottom and worked hard for a solid 3 hours straight! It was great! And my place smells good and looks great!

6. I absolutely LOVE bubbles baths :) Especially now in my huge garden tub!

7. I love to read and scrapbook but I never take the time out to do it.

8. I would like to become a professional photographer one day. I love photography and wish I knew everything there was to know in the world about it.

9. I was madly in love with Leonardo DeCaprio when I was in the 6th grade (year that Titanic came out).

10. I think sunsets are one of God's most amazing creations. Everyday is different. I've never seen the same sunset twice.

11. I think I have the coolest puppy in the world :)

12. I have had cancer before. Melanoma to be exact. Thank God it was caught early on, but now I have to get skin exams every few months for the rest of my life and no more sun bathing (not that I ever did much of that before anyway).

13. Keith Urban is my favorite country artist. Following close behind is Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift and Rascall Flatts. Sadly I have seen Kenny Chesney 6 times in concert and Keith Urban 3 times! Taylor Swift once and RF never.

14. I would love to sky dive but I know that I never ever will. I also know that if I did it, I would probably love it and would want to do it again.

15. I own about 10-12 different pairs of high heels and I never wear them because they kill my feet. But I'm hoping, one day, that I will get over it and deal with the pain until my feet adjust to favorite pair are my black and white polka dotted ones....

16. I get to go home and visit the weekend of Feb 20th!!!! :) Oh yeah and Latte is flying with me!

17. Football has never really interested me much, but now since I live in a big city with a pretty good team, I have declared myself an official fan of the Tampa Bay Buccanners!

18. I am having a hard time deciding on which license plate to get at the DMV next week. It's a tie between the Tampa Bay Bucs tag or the Save the Sea Turtles it sad that the tie is between those two??!

19. I totally had Chic Fil A today and I am suppose to be on a weigh watchers diet. Looks like I am having salad for dinner!

20. Oh by the way....I lost 1 pound after my first week. Whoop de do!

21. I am wearing shorts right now while everyone else in the country North of St. Pete is wearing jeans and sweaters! HAH!

22. I bought a George Forman grill today. I can't wait to use it!

23. I enjoy Yoga....but it's too hard and I'm too weak! haah

24. I think about my family every single day and I miss them alot but to be honest I am not homesick at all.

25. I absolutely love living here in St.Petersburg and I am so glad that God led me here :)

Join in on the fun! :) Thanks Mandy!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

You just know.....

I cant describe the feeling inside me when David walked into my house last night.

That man is made for me. I realized last night just how true that is.

I cant even put into words how much I love him and how much I know, inside of me, my heart, and my soul that we are meant to be together. I have never been so sure of anything in my life.

I thought a few months ago I knew that but I guess I didn't. I don't understand why what happened happened but I do know that through that I have realized so much about myself and about David. Love is powerful, love is beautiful and love is rare. I guess it takes almost losing something to realize how great what you have really is.

I couldnt take my eyes off of him last night. I cried and struggled so hard to understand how I did what I did to someone so amazing. Someone please help me understand???

When we kissed last night reality hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized just how lucky I was to be holding and kissing the one I love so much and how lucky I am that God brought David into my life. EVEN AFTER ALL OF THIS....we still have it. The kisses were just like they always were and the feelings are still there, now stronger than ever. How is that possible? GOD is so amazing.....

David and I are on the road again, together. Slowly but we are there. And there isn't anyone in the whole world who deserves more gratitude than God.

God brought David and I together 3.5 years ago and God is going to make sure it stays that way for the rest of our lives. Please continue to pray for David and I. He is my everything and I know, deep down in my heart, that he is my one true love.

On a side dinner turned out perfectly.

Salmon and Rice Pilaf
Green Beans
Homemade Peach Cobbler

Maybe it was food that made everything so wonderful?! **grin**

Monday, January 19, 2009

Vote for Latte!!

Hey guys! I need a huge favor from all of you if you don't mind! I've entered the picture of Latte above into a pet MVP photo contest being hosted by Bissell! :) Follow the link and make sure you vote for Week 3: January 27th thru Feb 3, 2009! You can't vote until January 27th but I wanted to go ahead and post this! I will send out reminders! So PLEASE go vote for my baby girl! Latte wants to be famous! Thanks everyone!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Locks of Love :)

BEFORE: this is me Halloween 2008

BEFORE: me in October 2008





NOW!! got it....10 inches of my hair is gone! I figured why the heck not?! I got a new car, new dog, new apartment, new job in a new city! So why the heck not?! AND some little girl/boy with cancer will get to have their own beautiful set of blonde hair :) Feels good :) AND I love it and it was free because I donated (didn't know that until afterwards). Ahhhh I'm on the road to a totally new me!!! :) What a great way to start a new year! 09 is gonna be fine! GOD is in control!

Hmm Hmm Good!

" Looooooks good don't it?"

Ok so I made myself some breakfast this morning and it was so yummy and it was healthy too! :)

1 egg

1 egg white

fresh mushrooms

sharp cheddar cheese (suppose to use fat free but i didn't have any)

1 cup of light & healthy tropicana orange juice

1 piece of light white bread with 3 sprays of "I can't believe it's not butter!"

GOOD! :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weight Watchers

Ok so how cool is this? Weight Watchers has a program set up at my work! They come in once a week on Thursdays from 12-1pm for meetings and weigh ins! Pretty cool huh? So since last time I was on Weight Watchers and lost 5 pounds in one week, I've decided to give it another go around. This time it being more convenient and there being no reason why I can't attend the Thursday meetings. I mean come on....they come to us!! :)

Anyway...wish me luck I weighed 163.3 Let's see what happens next week!!!

I've decided to buy the cook book and take up cooking as a hobby. I really really enjoy cooking and I guess I get that from my momma :) So I will be sharing my recipies! :)

Happy Thursday! It's almost Friday....

Oh yeah...I am attending the co-ed softball game (work has a softball team!!) tonight with some friends from work. I am probably going to join the team :) And tomorrow theyve invited me out to Happy Hour to meet the gang..I'm really excited! Everyone is so nice and I'm sure I'll have alot of fun :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Edited: Hit the ground running!

Edited Post:

The day turned out to not be so bad afterall :) It's just so much at once but I really do enjoy it so far. My last job, everyday was different, I didn't know what my work was day to day....I def. like this pace much better.

What's for dinner tonight?

Baked lemon pepper salmon with Garlic mashed potatoes and for dessert pineapple, mandarin oranges and strawberries :) All for myself! *grin*

That is EXACTLY how today has been so far! Oh my gosh....................*wheeeeeew*

Ok back to work....had to let my pup out to potty! ;)

Monday, January 12, 2009

First Day Back To Work!

I start my new job today, which means no more blogging during the day! I have been out of work for almost 3 months and I am so excited to start back today! :) I will miss the daily routine that I adapted to while being out, but I'm ready to make some money! YAY! :) Happy Monday everyone :) I am, however, not too excited about leaving my little latte in a cage until lunch time :(......her longest sad!

P.S. David might be coming over for dinner tonight *grin*

Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Foto Fiesta all about Latte!

Ok so I just totally realized that I passed my 100th post! YAY go me! Now....time for some super cuteness....I mean come on......please tell me that this is not the cutest pup you've ever seen???!!!
"Life with Mommy is so good here in St. Pete!"

"Southern Belle turned Florida Girl!"

"Peek A Boo Mommy!"

"I didn't dig this hole, but I sure do like playing in it!"

" I love the doggie park! Mom takes me there everyday!"

"And this is where I escape! Right through that hole and Mommy has to come and chase me!"

"Whatcha got there Mom?"
"Follow Me Mom!!!"

"This is Mommy's best friend right now"

"Ooooooo I LOVE these things!"

"Ohh Mommy, PLEASE give me another pinch of cheese please!"
Note: How the heck could I say no to a face like that?!

"Hmmmm my favorite toy!"

"If I move slow, it won't get away from me"

"Puppy Love"

"Sleeping beauty"
I totally have the coolest dog in the world! :)

She did it!

Well guess who just ran to the front door and scratched on it?
Guess who, after being let out into the yard, went pee and poop?!?!
Guess who, after being done pooping and peeing ran back to the front door?!?!
Guess who, ran straight to the fridge after coming inside to wait for a pinch of Kraft Singles?!?!

LATTE!! Woohoo....go puppy!! :) I am so impressed with her! She's working hard for that cheese!! That's the very first time that she's scratched on the door to be let out!

Ahhh I just love this dog!!! :) :) :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm Impressed!

Ok so who knew I could cook?!!? I am impressed with myself. My grandma has been staying with me since I moved in to my apartment in St. Pete last weekend. I have thoroughly enjoyed her company and I will be sad to see her leave tomorrow morning. Anyway she has been my guniea pig this week and so far everything I've made has been a success!

Monday: Steak, Mashed Potatoes and Peas
Tuesday: Hamburger Helper
Wednesday: Pork Chops, Rice a Roni and Salad
Thursday: Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

Hope tonight's dinner with be successful as well! I guess I won't be cooking too much once she is gone because there is no way I can eat all of that stuff by myself! Does anyone have any good ideas for a nice dinner for 1? I would have to have so much leftovers because I don't really do leftovers often....please share if you have something! :)

Anyway, I love my apartment. It's so cute and I have a perfect view outside my door. I got a cute screened in porch and my apartment overlooks a lake with water fountains, ducks, birds and fish. It's beautiful! I've had my windows open every single day since I got here because the weather is simply beautiful. So far it feels like a tropical vacation here...but I'm sure once I start work on Monday all of that will change! hehe

We drove down on Saturday...took us 8 hours to get here because of traffic and pulling the U-Haul. We had to stop often too because there were so many of us traveling. My family stayed until Sunday afternoon and it was hard to see them go. I can't wait to get back home to see them again. So far I'm doing really good. I'm not home sick yet and hopefully I won't be with time. I really really love it here and I don't see myself moving back to Charleston. Maybe one day.....

I'm settled in and I love it! My apartment is good sized and my kitchen and bedroom are huge! I'm glad I decided on the one bedroom because I do not have enough stuff to fill a two bedroom, not to mention I don't really need one. My bathroom is decorated really cute (thanks Mom) and I'm slowly filling up my cabinets and closets with things that I need.

I drove to St. Pete beach with my grandma today. We've been exploring while she has been here. We had no clue where we were going, we just got in the car and drove! St. Pete beach is nice but I like Clearwater beach much better. I was sad when we got there because it said no dogs allowed on the beach!! Poor Latte! She looked like she was ready to haul butt through the sand....too bad though. She would be allowed on the beach in South Carolina :(

We went to the dog park again today. Oh yeah, there is one of those in my neighborhood and Latte LOVES it! She's been playing with all sorts of different dogs and I've finally gotten her excited about her baby tennis balls! She was too cute the other day. She was terrified on them, but after a while she got use to them and now they are one of her favorite toys! Let's just say that she is totally spoiled already :) She must have like 8 toys already and a cute bed! She also has a small upper respiratory infection and is on anti-biotics for that so she can get better! My poor pup!

Anyway, I can go on and on about that dog! I just love her so much!!! I wish everyone could meet her because she is something else! I love my little Punkin'!

Anyway, I must run and get dinner started, Gran is giving me the eye! HAHA

Have a good Friday everyone! I'm going to enjoy it because I start work Monday....FINALLY after being unemployed for almost 3 months! I am so ready to work! Woohoo!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It's Not Me Monday again.

I could write a book but I'm not feeling good so I will keep it simple and short....this is the funniest one of all I think :)

I did not just make me a bowl of ice cream in a martini glass and continue to eat it with a fork only because I just moved into my new apartment and have to start from scratch! Oh yeah and because everything clean was in the dishwasher! hehe :) I love having my own place and I love being on my own, but I sure do miss my family!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm in love....

More pictures coming soon and a post about my move! I love it here! :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Goodbye South Carolina

Well my time has come to say goodbye to my home of 22 years. *tear*...I can't believe it!!!
Wish me luck as me and my puppy began a new adventure together! It'll be a few days before I post again...I will be a busy girl! Have a great weekend everyone and say a prayer for me and my family....we got long 8 hour drive ahead of us today and they got a long drive back on Sunday! Bye!!!! :) Hello St. Petersburg!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year and Meet my New Puppy!

Happy New Years Everyone!!!!!!!! 2009 is here and 2008 is gone! I can't believe how fast this year has flown by. What a crazy year. So much blows my mind! I can't wait to see what 2009 has in store!!
I got a new puppy!! :) Her name is Latte....she is a 12 week old Dachshund and we picked her up today outside of Columbia. She is such a little angel. I love her so much. I'm so excited that I have a little girl puppy to be my best friend down in St. Pete :) Thanks again Dad for helping me get her.....I love you!

Latte and my niece Madison :)

Sleeping Beauties :)

My new puppy Latte! :)