Monday, December 15, 2008

Please pray!

Before I post my "Not Me Monday" post I want to take a moment and ask that everyone please say a special prayer for Kayleigh Freeman. Kayleigh has been fighting for her life since the day she was born (premature) almost 6 months ago. She has overcame so many hurdles already in her life and she needs a miracle from God. Please take a moment or two to say a powerful prayer for her and her parents, Aimee and Adam. They need all the support and prayers that they can get right now.

I have decided to post about my trip tomorrow. I had alot of fun. I really want to post my "Not Me Monday" because it's so much fun and it only comes around once a week! :) Don't forget to hope on over to MckMama's blog and read hers! :) Happy Monday!

I so totally did not forget to put my deodorant on before I flew out for my interview last week! I didn't feel paranoid alllllll day about the fact that I forgot my deodorant on such a big day!!!!!!

I did not totally laugh tonight when me and my best friend drove all the way back from Columbia (1.5 hour trip) only to realize that she left her purse back at Mikey's house. We did not have to call Mikey and ask him to meet us half way so that we could pick it up.

I did not enjoy spending this past weekend in NYC with my family :)

I did not get pissed when our non-stop flight from Charleston to NYC was canceled. I did not get excited when we were able to catch a connecting flight in Philly putting us there only two hours later than scheduled! :)

I did not eat a bunch of JUNK FOOD in the past week! Of course not me!! ;)

I did not get upset when I got an e-mail from the company down in Florida asking me if I was able to fill out my paperwork yet? Uhhhh I totally did not do that last week and mail it last Wednesday and I guess that the USPS DID NOT totally lose my important paperwork!! That paperwork is not what that company is waiting for to send me my offer and that paperwork does not contain my social security # like 5 times and my signature, address and date of birth!!!!!!!!

I did not wait too long to start this post only to have my "Not Me Monday" turn into a "Not Me Tuesday!" hehehe......

Ahhh off to bed now....again I am tired. I had a long day today. Congrats to my buddy Mikey! He received his B.S. in Exercise Science today from the University of South Carolina!!! YAY buddy!! I am so proud of you!! Way to go babe!! I can't believe that it has been 4 years since we graduated from high school!


Deanna said...

I just had the chance to catch up on all of your blogs....

Glad to hear you had fun in NYC!! I can't wait to go again...LOVE IT! Never been there for Christmas of these years though.

Congrats on getting the job!! I agree sometimes we just have to move on to take care of scary as it may be. Good luck to you!

I look forward to reading the coming adventures!!

Stay focused.....

Emily said...

Congrats on getting the new job! hoorayy for you:) yipeee:) Also, I cant wait to hear all about nyc.. i have never been and am hoping ryan wil take me next christmas time!

Following Him said...

Love your Not me's! I would love to visit NYC as well. Can not wait till I hear about your trip :) Congrats on the job!