Sunday, December 7, 2008

Not Me Monday! (early)

***UPDATE: I fly out tomorrow morning at 6:40am and I will be back in Charleston by 5:11pm! Ahhh!! So short! Wish me luck! Thanks for all of the interviewing tips....keep 'em coming guys!! :)

Ok so those of you who follow my blog (publicly and anonymously) know that I have not done a "Not Me" post in a while! Well it's time that I jump back into it! It's fun and there are alot of people out there who enjoy it just as much as I do. I was inspired by All My Kids 123 as well as the originator MckMama! So here goes! Enjoy everyone and I hope you all have a fabulous Monday! ;)

***"Not Me Monday" Button would not work for me!!!!

I did not eat Mc Donald's today and have cheetohs for a snack! UGH!

I did not let my mother talk me into getting a Belk charge card that I did not need only so that she could use it.......?

I did not research the company I'm interviewing with and study their many products for 4 hours today because I am just so freaking excited about my job interview!!! Not me! :)

I did not realize today that this job is an amazing opportunity that could not have arised without the help from someone up above! ;)

I did not get sad because I probably won't make it back into town for my little sister's band concert on Tuesday :(

I did not watch Old School, Bring It On and a little bit of Night at the Roxbury on TBS today! LOL

I did not absoultely enjoy going out into the freezing cold tonight with my family to get our Christmas tree!!

I did not absolutely enjoy going to get hot chocolate at Starbucks after we got our Christmas tree!!

I did not already wrap all of the Christmas presents that I've bought! ;)

I did not almost go running the other day and when I couldn't find my running shorts decide not to go! Not me! Of course I really did go and jog like a good girl! HAH!

I did not just realize that I have bills due in a week that I can't pay! :( It sucks to be unemployed.....

I did not watch the St. Clause twice this week because I absolutely LOVE that movie!

I DID NOT do any of these things!! :)

Ok so I am totally nervous about Tuesday. Does anyone have any professional interviewing tips they would like to share? I have never had an interview this big before (other than the phone interview) and I just want to do/say the right things. I want to knock this interview out of the park and seal the deal! I want/need this job so bad! Does anyone have any comments? I am wearing a brown pin striped business suit and was going to put my hair up in a braided does that sound? I also have a black suit....but the brown is my favorite....brown is ok right?
Anyway....I'm open to any comments/suggestions that you guys have! So please share them :)


ash said...

wear the brown suit!! since you said it is your favorite you will feel self assured which will bring you a natural air of confidence.

I once read this piece of advice and it has stuck with me ever since, "don't dare them to hire you. dare them NOT to hire you."(from: They Don't Teach Corporate in College by Alexandra Levit; HIGHLY recommend this book. a VERY easy read that is a great reminder of the do's and don't's for 20 somethings in the corporate world)

one other thing, let the interviewer bring up salary first. hopefully you've checked into what the appropriate salary ranges are for the position in your area.

you are going to do GREAT in your thoughts are with you!

melissa said...

good morning! I love your cracked me up! cannot be asamed about bring it on and expecially not about Night at the Roxbury...I love those movies!!! lol

As a former interviewer (is that a word?lol) Here are my tips: When I would interview people, I would most certainly expect people to be nervous and to not completly be themselvs. But I would really try and look for the individuals who were sincere and who were comfortable with themselvs. So before you go in...take a deep breath...try and relax, and br yourself! I know it sound easier said than done. I did not like when people "overtried" and were not realistic. Good luck..YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!


Mandy and Jack said...

HA! "I did not almost go running the other day and when I couldn't find my running shorts decide not to go!" - I can do even better - I DO NOT decide that my running shoes are TOO FAR AWAY (in my closet) to even bother to go get them!!

As for the interview, confidence is the key! Also, it helps to look up interview questions online and rehearse what you’ll say to them. In my interviewing, I got a lot of questions like “give me an example of a time when you…” [Google “behavioral interviewing”] – those are hard to answer sometimes but remember that you can use examples not just from work, but from school and personal experiences as well! I actually used “wedding planning” as an example when they asked me for examples of using my organizational skills. So remember, it doesn’t just have to be work experience.

Also, make sure you have questions ready for them when they ask if you have any questions – insightful ones, and company-specific! It’s good that you were researching the company, because they’ll want to know that you took the time to learn something about them. I think my question was “what are your favorite and least favorite things about working here?” That’s actually a very helpful way to learn if you’re a good fit too.

And I think the brown suit would be great! Good luck! I’ll be praying for you!!

Following Him said...

I totally did not have a milkshake for lunch yesterday. Hope you have a wonderful interview!!! Good luck!

Emily said...

i say wear your brown suit--since it is your favorite and the most comfy and so you will feel good about your self and more confident in it:)
U can read your 4rth book on the plane:) Good luck! I will be thinking of you and praying for you:)
So exciting!

Honey Mommy said...

My best advice is to try not to fidget or show that you are nervous. Also it is ok to take a moment to collect your thoughts before you answer. It looks a lot better than saying um... a bunch or saying something silly!

Best of luck!

Elaine said...

I am praying that you will feel a sense of calm tomorrow and that the whole day will be a wonderful experience.

God does have a plan, always remember that and ask him to show you the way...You can also ask him to speak through you tomorrow...