Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My obsessions

I have alot of free time on my hands right now, you know with not having a job or anything. And I have to admit that it SUCKS! I never had a problem with working everyday. I didn't mind the 9 to 5 job except on days where I didn't have any work to do at work. Those days were boring and those days were ones I couldn't wait to end!

Since I have had so much free time I have developed daily habits and obsessions. I'm anxious to get back to work. I feel like a bum most days and I get that "blah" feeling alot laying around so much. I should know something really soon about my job. My paperwork was lost, I sent it over again and the HR guy was out sick for a couple of days. But he's back, paperwork was received and the offer is being drawn up! It won't be long now :) first obsession is all know how that is. I LOVE blogging and I'm always posting about something and reading something. I check my blog alot during the day and I get excited when I see that one of my "blogging buddies" posted something new. It's such a fun hobby! I would love to start designing blogs but I don't have a clue where I should start! I could really enjoy doing that as another hobby!

My second obsession is peanut butter toast.....everyday....with milk....I know weird, but there is just something about it! I love it! :)

My third obsession is carrots....not the little ones in the bag but the big long ones in the bag. I Looooooove them! It's a favorite snack of mine that I've been eating alot lately...much better than a cookie or candy right?!

My 4th obsession is Law and Order! HAHA! The old episodes! Does anyone else watch that show? Do you know how many times a day that show actually comes on?......ALOT. I don't know what it is abou the show, but I'm obsessed. My dad is a big fan too so I guess that I'm not totally alone! haha

My 5th obession was the Twilight series! I am currently on my 4th book. Its taking me longer to get through this book because I just don't want it to end! It's a great series and if you haven't already read it, you should!

Another obsession that I started and quickly ended was shopping. At first I was always going somewhere buying something buuuuuut I quickly stopped doing that. That is def. not something to do to pass the time....especially when you don't have any money!

And within all of these things I clean the house everyday. My mom really appreciates that. I dont mind doing it all. It passes the time and helps her out alot since she works all day.

Anyway...I think I've probably bored you all with my obsession rant! haha...I guess you can say that I am desperate for a topic of I can't wait to start working again!


Melissa said...

I love peanut butter toast...I love the way the peanut butter melts on the warm toast; and it's even better dipped in orange juice!!
Go check out my post-- I have an award for you!!

BoufMom9 said...

Peanut butter taost was my pregnancy obsession for all 3 pregnancies. I LIVED on it. YUM!

Following Him said...

I LOVE carrots, blogging, and Law and Order, especially SVU and the regular one :) I have gotten better at liking shopping, but it is not on my favorites just yet.

The Griffith Family said...

I love to shop- I eat pb toast but not often. I think it's b/c I think of what that toast and pb is doing to my HIPS!!! Blogging- I like to do as well. With the busy time of year- I find myself not blogging as much. BUT I do look forward to jumping on here and checking out other blogs so keep on posting. It sounds like you are a busy bee... or want to be doing something constantly. I understand and just have to say that take advantage of the slow life right now b/c when you do start back to work- you'll have the "busy- work lifestyle again" and when you do get married and have children- it will never end... never end... I mean NEVER END. Stay young- enjoy life- and say ahhhhh!

Emily said...

I Love carrots and blogging and welp I sure do love the twilight books too but sadly I finished them all:) Where are you in the fourth one???

ash said...

don't feel bad, your obsession with law & order is my obsession with beverly hills 90210. it comes on from 5-7 every evening which is my wind down time from work. I think I've seen all the episodes at least 3 exaggeration!

Jen B. said...

I LOVE peanut butter toast! I'm so glad to hear that I'm not alone!