Tuesday, December 9, 2008

UPDATE: I'm exhausted!

Ok so I ended up getting about 3 hours of sleep last night....and today I flew to Tampa, ate lunch, interviewed and flew back all in about 12 hours! I'm pooped......

.....which means that interview details will have to wait until tomorrow!

I will give you a hint....... *grin*

Oh yeah....I got a fun trip planned this weekend with my family.....guess where we are going?! Come on! Guess....

I will give you a hint......its not in Florida *grin*

UPDATE: So my day started super early. I woke up at 4:40am (only got 3 hours of sleep) and left my house about 5:30am. My flight to Atlanta was good and then my flight to Tampa was good. My interviewers picked me up at the airport and it was NOTHING like I expected!!! They were fun, goofy and very very nice. It made me feel so relaxed!

They took me to a really nice seafood restaurant on the Bay and we sat outside on the water! We talked about me some, the company some and then spent most of the time talking about other stuff! haha......it went so well!!!! I was actually overdressed in my suit because they forgot to tell me business casual so that my flight wouldn't have been uncomfortable....it wasn't bad....the only thing that bothered me was the damn high heels! UGH! But I did look nice and at least I wasn't under-dressed!

I asked one of the women if they had any other candidates that they were looking at and she said "yes......but you are the only one we've taken to lunch!" (as she nudged me and winked at me)....so how would you take that?!

I am so excited to hear back! They were very impressed with my resume and with the experience that I've had on top of just graduating. It looks like I'm just the person they're looking for!

God was with me yesterday....I felt his presence all day yesterday. He spoke through me, helped me to gather my thoughts and helped me keep calm. Thank you all for your prayers to get me through yesterday! Don't give up yet! A decision still has to be made from the company's side, so please please please keep the prayers going! :)

I'd write some more but I don't actually feel too good today. Only getting 3 hours of sleep on Monday really messed me up......so I'm going to go lay back down! Happy Hump Day! :)

Only 2 more days until our trip.......any guesses on where we are going?! *grin*


Elaine said...

So glad it went well. I can not wait to see how everything unfolds.. Have fun on your little trip.

Terri said...

So happy to hear that it all went so well! Good luck