Monday, December 29, 2008

Almost All Packed Up!

Wow....what a busy couple of days! I have been packing non-stop and I am about 85% of the way done! :) Packing is not easy at all. I never knew how much crap I actually have and how much stuff I've fitted into my tiny room all these years! I can't wait to have all 802 sq. feet to myself! I am serious when I say that I can't wait! Ahhh :) Life is good once again :)

It's starting to settle in that I am leaving.....leaving my home that I've lived in since I was 3 years old....I'm getting emtional just thinking about it. I was ready to go 2 months ago when I was suppose to get married but that was with David so I wasn't totally alone and on my own. NOW I am all by myself....I depend on me and only me! It's a great feeling but also scary at the same time and I still wish that I could depend on David :-(

Anyway....we are loading up the U-Haul on Friday and we are rolling out about 5am on Saturday! I am going to get in the bed early so that I am awake. I am driving so I will need to be alert. Life is about to change big time for me and I am so ready!


Krystal said...

How exciting!!!!!!

Elaine said...

Everything sounds like it is going so great for you. What an exciting time in your life. God has big plans for you and it is so nice to watch it unfold.


Anonymous said...

Leaving on your own is a great experience!
It's a great way to develop your personality, get more self confidence, and a new start in life.
I wish you the best!

ash said...

From one MckMama reader to another, please post a prayer request for baby Stellan. He has had a set back and is in the hospital again. Your blog gets more traffic than mine so I think you can be more impactful than me.

On a less serious note, I am so excited for you and your new adventure!

Jen B. said...

Awesome! I'll be praying for a safe trip!