Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two for Twos-day:Double Edition!

"Me and my best friend of 13 years, Crystal"

Crystal and I met in the 4th grade and became good friends. We were seperated during Middle School because she went to a different one than me and Jewel. The three of us met back up in high school and became best friends and have been ever since. Crystal is my heart. This girl means so much to me and she is the most kindest, loving, amazing best friend that anyone could ever have. She has the most generous and caring personality and I know that we will always be the best of friends. I could not imagine my life without this girl, my best friend, my sister :) I love you so much C :) Thank you for always being there for me. We look alike, somewhat, and we've actually been called twins before! hehe

"Me and my best friend of 13 years, Jewel"

This is my other best friend, Jewel. I love this girl to death. She and I have been friends for almost 13 years. We met in the 4th grade and went through Middle and High School together. I am going to miss her so much when I move away in a few weeks. We've always been inseperable. I love you Jewel! You will always be my best friend no matter where I go. We have so many great memories together. Not only is she my best friend, but she is my sister and she holds a very special place in my heart and always will :) Thank you for always being there for me. We kind of look like sisters here! hehe

Please come and share a photo of your "two some" whether it be a photo of your twins, siblings, friends, husand/wife, pet...you get the "picture"!! I will link you in my blog if you leave me a comment saying you posted!! Here is my picture, and as always, thanks for playing along!!! :)

Don't forget to hop on over to Eight is Great and Who Says 8 is Enough to see who else is playing along! ;) I just love two for Twos-day! :)


Deanna said...

Thank you for playing along!!
These are some great pictures...it's sooo great to have childhood friends that you are still so close with!!

Cheryl Lage said...

What wonderful, wonderful sentiments about girls who are clearly wonderful, wonderful friends!

Great pictures, and lovely words. :)

(and I loved your caption! Thanks for coming by my blog!)

Elaine said...

Cute post, love the U2 playing in the background...Thanks for stopping by.

Weeksie50 said...

Aw, what a wondeful post..
Great pictures..

BoufMom9 said...

What great pictures and even better stories to go along.
There is NOTHING like the friendships that we make and keep from our childhood.