Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two for Twos-day!

"The Mr. and Mrs. in 2.5 weeks!"
I love this man so so so so much! He is my rock, my best friend and my soul mate.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Share pictures of your favorite two-some whether it's pets, friends, family, etc! Come on and join in on the fun....then head over to Eight is Great, Twinfatuation, and Debi to check out their very own Two for Twos-day fun! :)


Emily said...

What a cute picture:)
I would hate to leave all my friends and family.. but with todays technology... you can stay in constant contact and see them as much as possible !i will pray lots for the move and the wedding!

Deanna said...

thank you for playing along!

that is such a cute picture of the two of you...I bet you are getting sooooo excited!!!

The Myers Family said...

That is soo sweet! Very cute pics too! Debi sent us on over to your blog..i'm a fellow twin mommy blogger! :) congrats on your upcoming wedding! How much fun and how exciting! If i could offer one word of advise for someone getting ready to get married..it'd be: ENJOY YOUR WEDDING..don't stress about things you can't change..or wish you would have done differently..or just plain forgot to do. GOOD LUCK!

Jen B. said...

That's such a GREAT picture of the two of you!

Jennifer said...

Love the picture! Everytime I look at you in your pictures I feel like I've seen you before...weird I know..I don't think I've seen where you are from, if I have i don't remember! LOl!

Jennifer said...

O.K. So I looked back and I think I kinda figured out the location thing and it's nowhere near me, so I guess you must just look like someone else around here...LOL

Cassandra-ann said...

Hi Heather,
Youve left a couple of comments on my blog so i thought i'd come check you out ;-) CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming wedding !!! how exciting, enjoy every second of your special day and i wish you a lifetime of happiness togethor,
I love the pic too :-)