Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not Me Tuesday! HAHA

Ok so I totally have my days mixed up because of my trip and I thought today was Monday, but I was wrong, and today is Tuesday! I am going to do a double post today because Monday and Tuesday are my favorite days to blog! The first thing I am going to post about is "Not Me Mondays!" in honor of MckMama. She started this fun game a couple of weeks ago. I'm sad that I missed it yesterday so I am going to post it anyway. I hope you all still enjoy reading about the things that I DID NOT do this week!! haha....so here goes!

*I did not eat an entire bag of gummy worms and drink an entire sugar free red bull, yes sugar free, on my drive home yesterday because I was so sleepy! Nope NOT ME!

*I did not call, first the GA highway patrol, and second the SC highway patrol on my way home from Tampa yesterday because there was a family driving next to me that had an 8 month old in the front seat with 2 other toddlers in the back seat with no child restraints anywhere to be found in the car!!! Ok so I really did do this and it really pisses me off the lack of concern and low regard that some people have for their children! Unbelievable! It's ok....the state trooper got them good! On top of all that the guy was driving about 90+ mph when he came around the bend where the trooper was.....let's just say I laughed as I drove by......pathetic.

*I did not forget that my car payment is due in two days and I have not mailed my check yet!!

*I did not get excited over the weekend because I now wear a size 10 pants!!!! YAY!!! :)

*I did not get lost on my way home yesterday because I completely missed the exit I knew was the right one! haha

*I did not fail to unpack my suitcase last night because I was ready to pass out!

*I did not give a cute firefighter my best friend's phone number last night because she thought he was cute and he was flirting with her! Nope, not me!

*I did not post this at work again!

*I did not just totally PIG OUT on a mini smart pop bag of popcorn and a Diet Coke! Yum!

*I did not just realize that I am moving my stuff to Tampa in 3 weeks!!

*I did not just realize that I am getting married in 4 weeks!!

*I did not just completely stress myself out by remembering E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G that needs to be done in the next 3 weeks....Oh My Gosh!

*I did not do any of these!! Nope! hehe ;)

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Deanna said...

Girl you've got LOTS going on!! Stay focused and you'll do just fine!! Good for you for calling the tropper...I would have too!!!