Thursday, October 2, 2008

In Tampa until Monday

"Me on the way to Tampa yesterday...I was in the middle of nowhere!"

Hey everyone! Well I made it to Tampa. My first road trip alone! It took me right around 7 hours to drive from Charleston to Tampa. Not too bad....there was hardly any traffic and the weather was perfect (blue sky all the way). Hopefully the ride home Monday will be the same. I got really sleepy towards the end of the trip, but I'm glad that I made it here safely.

Well tomorrow I have my interview! Wish me luck! It's for a great position and I'm super nervous. I have to leave at 8am to get to the interview by 10am. That is how crazy the traffic is around here! I am in for such a HUGE change of pace.....I'm so use to my small town traffic.....lordy...WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?! hehe

Well I must run on to bed now...David is working the night shift tonight :( I will post again tomorrow! Night everyone :) Please say a prayer for me....oh yeah and for David....his knees have been hurting him so bad lately when he works.

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