Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Foto Fiesta Fun!!!

Happy Friday y'all! :) I am back to feeling like my perky self again. Thank you all for the nice comments that you left about how you deal with yourself when you are upset. It's nice to know that there are others out there who read my blog. Thank you so much for the encouragement and support!

Now today is Friday! Who's happy?! I am! I got so much stuff going on this weekend. Although it looks like it might rain......I sure hope not. I would like to go for a run today because I doubt that I will be able to go tomorrow with my bridal shower and all. I can't wait until Sunday for the Tampa Bay Bucs and the Carolina Panthers game!! They're showing it on local TV because of the Panthers playing. The panthers are 4 and 1 right now and the Bucs are 3 and 2. So if the Panthers lose they will be tied. Look at me....acting like I'm a pro and acting like I really know what I'm talking about! HAH! In due due time. I will be one of those freaks (no offense) that ride around with the big flags hanging off the side of the car, with the window clings and license plates! LOL....Dave won't allow it I'm sure of it! honor of it being F-R-I-D-A-Y, I decided to follow along with Friday Foto Fiesta! Now this picture that I posted was last Halloween. I was a last minute mouse! It was fun and I had these really cute black and orange striped socks with little ghost bells that jingled when you walk with shiny black shoes! What should I be this year? Any good ideas?! I'm stumped and I'm running out of tiempo! Are any of you dressing up this year? I don't want to be anything scary because I will be trick or treating with a bunch of kids (supervising...haha). I don't like masks (they smell weird) and I don't like alot of make-up....sooo any ideas? I would like to make my coustume but if I have to buy one then I probably will.
So feel free to comment on any good ideas that you guys have! :) Happy Friday!!
Also FLY on over to Who Says 8 Is Enough? and Terri and Deanna and Candid Carrie to see who else is playing along! Have fun! Don't forget to post your Favorite Foto For the Friday Foto Fiesta Fun!! haha :)


Candid Carrie said...

We have mice.

In our house.

I wish they were cute and friendly like you. I wish they could read. I would write them love letters and ask them to relocate.

Thank you for finding us! And you did sound quite official with those football stats. I said stats so I would sound knowledgable too.

Lori R said...

Okay I've got 2 costume ideas for you :) You could be a beanie baby--just sew felt ears on a hoodie and wear matching sweats. Make yourself a big TY tag and staple it to one of the ears. Easy! (and comfy)

Last year my son was a pumpkin. I bought him a 3XL orange shirt, cut the sleeves off (he wore a long sleeve orange T underneath), and made made one of the sleeves into a cap. I made a casing at the bottom of the shirt, had him put it on, then stuffed him with polyfill (in between the big shirt and the undershirt so he didn't get itchy). Then I cinched him all up at the bottom. I hope you can picture this in your mind, cuz he looked so cute! I added a few green felt leaves at the neck and on his cap. BTW, the cap was just the sleeve gathered up on one end with a rubber band.

But then again, you could just be a mouse again, cuz you're a totally cute little rodent!

Anonymous said...

Oh I saw the foto thing on carrie's blog but I always miss it!! darn it!
next time maybe :)
I found you through your comment on 16blessing mom :) I'm getting married october 20th :)
I'll say a prayer for you xxoo

Shannon said...

Came by from Candid Carrie...

cute mouse :)

I don't have any costume ideas for ya... I am so not creative when it comes to things like this. I take the easy way out every year and just wear my favorite jeans and a Halloween tee shirt!