Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ok.....I am in serious need of a pick me up....come on fellow bloggers....make me feel better!!!!! Do anything!!!!


Emily said...

Well you are getting married in a week:) So that means.... pretty dress.. lots of friends and family... marrying the man of your dreams.... and sailing off to happily ever after:) Why r u having a bad day?

BoufMom9 said...

I am sorry you are feeling "blah".
Head over to my blog around 6 pm eastern and maybe you'll feel a little better!

Angela said...

Reading your blog made me think back to being where you are (weeks form my wedding) ten years ago. Thank you!

Best of luck to you and David! You look so sweet together and I wish you peace, happiness, and the ever-present love of our Lord and Savior :o)

Many, many blessings!!

Jen B. said...

So sorry you're feeling "blah"! Debi asked that we bloggers give you a little pick me up.... I sure hope you get over the "blahs" soon! Just think... in a just days, you will be marrying your best friend & soul mate... that's got to make you feel pretty good!

The Corradetti Clan said...

Debi ask me to stop over and give you blog love. Sorry you are down wedding stress can do that. But just think in no time you will a Mrs! Enjoy this time you will cherish the memories of all the planning, it will be all worth it.
I cant wait to see the pictures. I love weddings

Elaine said...

Sorry I missed this, hope you are feeling better now.

So many mixed emotions just weeks before a wedding. I remember that time.