Sunday, September 14, 2008

The weekend is over!

Well my momma's surgery went really well. She is home now and in the bed on some serious medicine. She is not having a very good day today (worse so far) so extra prayers would be appreciated :) She should be back on her feet in about 8 weeks...she is walking around a little bit but it's only to get out of the bed to use the bathroom or to stretch just a little bit. I love you momma :)

The weekend was nice. In between visiting my momma I was able to get some things done that I needed to get done. I kind of took over "mom" roles while she is on bed rest and it's not so bad. I think of it as a learning experience in preparation to becoming David's wifey! :) I cooked breakfast for my dad this AM and it actually turned out really nice and he appreciated it!

I got some of my bridemaids gifts stuff taken care of and did a little shopping for some other things. Had a nice cookout with the neighbors and did alot of traveling around to visit my momma. My grandma came in and is helping and staying for the week. She stayed all 3 days with my mom and didn't leave one time...she is such an angel :)

The pictures above are some pictures we took on Thursday, the day before my mom's surgery :) I'm heading to bed now...I am really tired :)

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