Monday, September 1, 2008

Very fun 3 day weekend

Well I had a very fun, relaxing weekend. Saturday was a little eventful. My dad and some friends went out on his sail boat for the day and it turned bad and the boat was stuck on a sand bar and the bottom was all messed up. We didn't think he would make it back to the landing and we thought that the boat was going to sink. He made it back ok (thank God) BUT our boat is pretty messed up and I don't think we'll be getting it fixed. Thankfully we took out insurance on it and will at least get our money back. I guess the most important thing is that my dad, cousin and friends are all ok. :)

I worked on wedding invitations this weekend. I have been trying to get those finished up because they need to go out next week! Almost 2 months left before the wedding! We are so excited! :)

Sunday was another lazy day. I went to the land with my parents for a little while....ran some errands with my mom that needed to be done before her surgery on Wednesday. Later that evening I hung out with the neighbors and kids for a bit then I went in and watched some movies with my parents and sister. We watched What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas and then we watched Nim's Island. Both were very cute movies :)

Today I went to the zoo with some friends (Ricky, Jillian, Brax, Amanda and Danielle). We had a blast. It wasn't too hot and the place was crowded but it wasn't too bad. We had a great time. See my photos below of some of my favorite animals. Well I'm going to finish watching Family Guy and folding my clothes. We could possibly have a visit from Hurricane Hanna this weekend (hopefully not) so we are trying to get some things taken care of. Please pray that the storm heads away from the US and dissappears into the Atlantic :) Have a great night everyone!

Ok soooooo the pictures did not work...I will post later!

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The Griffith Family said...

glad your dad and fam was ok. I miss Charleston water fun time. I miss going out to Morris Island. We have MANY memories out there. We'd beach out boat and hang there all day long.
What is your mom having surgery for? I will have her in my prayers.
I can't wait till Nov either... we are going to try to come- it's on our calendar.