Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday, Tuesday

Hey everyone. I have not posted in a while. I was rather busy this weekend. I spent alot of my time with my family and my friends. I had Friday off of work because of the so called "Hurricane Hanna" that was supposed to hit Charleston but didn't....I'm not complaining though...it was nice to have the day off. That night we had a "Hurricane Party" and I had a blast with the neighbors! We are always hanging out, but this night was particularly fun!

Saturday was a lazy day. I didn't do too much of anything. I went out shopping with my mom and I purchased 6 pairs of shoes for $70! What a deal huh? I shouldn't have done it, but I did anyway and I love my shoes. I bought 2 pairs for the wedding because I couldn't decide on which one looked better, so I will have to see when I get my dress back on the 25th!

Sunday I went to the beach with my friends and we had a great time. It was such a beautiful day....all of the kids had a great time. We are thinking about going back again this weekend. It's sad but I only went to the beach twice this whole summer aside from our camping trips to Myrtle Beach....and to think that I live so close to it....oh well....I'm about to be surrounded by beaches when I move to Tampa and I'm sure I'll be going alot! :)

Monday was a Monday...not too bad...the day at work went by fast...OH and I went jogging....it felt good and I'm going again today!

GREAT NEWS!!!!! David got promoted AGAIN to day shifts! He is so happy and excited! I am so proud of him. Most overnight managers stay overnight for at least 6 months but he was promoted in less than 3 months! :) He is moving up so fast! Pretty cool huh? Everything seems to be falling into place for us. Hopefully he'll be a store manager by the time we're 25! We shall see. Keep up the good work baby! I love you :)

Enjoy the pictures....I am finishing up lunch at work, leaving early around 2:30 for a OBGYN appointment....yippee....NOT.....haha....bye!

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