Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Me Monday!!

McMama over at My Charming Kids is hosting a brand new fun game entitled "Not Me Monday".....check it out! Join and fun! You can read about the game on her blog!

I did not leave my room a mess this weekend and ignore the fact that is desperately needed to be cleaned.

I did not indulged myself with 3 cupcakes because they tasted so damn good. Nope, not me!!!

I did not fail to get a haircut that I really needed because I didn't feel like it.

I did not stay out until 2am with my neighbors.

I did not decide to blog at work because I am bored!

I did not ignore the fact that I had a million things to do this weekend.

I did not give up my yummy Nathan's hot dog to a little girl who wanted it.

I did not, did not, did not, do any of these things!!! hehe :)


Emily said...

I love you not mes!
I found your blog on McMamma blog!
Also, congrat on the weight loss!!
How did you enter the picture above and make it so it also links back to McMamma page? I had to just insert the picture of the logo and couldnt get it to link back... Maybe I am not computer savy enough!
have a great monday!

Emily said...

I actually used Jennisa at
and she designed my blog for me... My husband was like " isnt the whole point of blogging, designing your blog yourself?" But she has such cute designs and so I just couldnt resist:)
Have a great monday:)

Mommy to Bentley, Grayson and AvaGrace said...

What a crack up - I am ADDICTED to MckMamma's blog and live in Charleston too - I had to check your blog out b/c of the name - that is what my Sister (in Law) and I call one another and we have matching tatoos on our left foot of the same - great photography! Oops - here comes the boss - gotta run