Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back to Running!

My Good Ol' Running Shoes

I have officially started back to running as of last night. I took a week off because I sprained my ankle and had shin splints. I am feeling 100% better this week. I guess I was just pushing myself to hard and being such a new runner I guess that would make sense. I sure did miss it while I wasn't doing it. The temperatures here are awesome! 70's all day and 60's during the night. If it were like this year round I would be very happy....most of the time ;)

My momma is doing well. She started walking more yesterday. She's laughing a little more and starting to tell everyone how to clean the house again. Gotta love mom! :) So she's healing, slowly but surely. She still can't be in a car or drive until next Friday the 26th which is just in time for my bridal shower in GA. I know it has be driving her nuts to be laying around on the bed all day. Thank GOD my grandma is here to help take care of her. She truely is a blessing. I do not know what I would have done without her being here. Thanks Grandma!

I am getting very excited about my bridal shower. I can't wait to see all the fun things my cousin has planned. The whole time it has been a secret! :) The wedding is getting so close so fast! I'm almost 6 weeks's almost time for the money to start going out the door! I sure hope Daddy is working hard....haha :)

Ahhhh if only I could sit outside while I work my life away today. I have a fantastic view of the sky from my seat and I want to be out there so bad. Nothing but blue sky and a cool breeze....I really love the FALL and I can't wait for it to be here. That means the Fair is coming....the leaves will be air will be blowing....pumpkin pies will be baking....sweaters will be wearing....haha....I can't wait!!!

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The Griffith Family said...

AHHH I just want to give your mom a hug. I really wish I'd stayed in touch with her. Tell her my thoughts and prayers are with her... tell her I miss her and would give anything to go back to "those" days with you all again.
I enjoy reading your blog...