Monday, September 22, 2008

4 more pounds to go!

Oh my gosh! I blog about running all the time and I was blogging a while back about weight loss. Well I guess all of my hard work (shin splints, swollen ankles, etc.) is paying off because I got on the scale this weekend and I have lost 11 pounds!!!!

**I was at my heaviest about 1.5 years ago weighing in at 189!

**Back in June I was at 180!

And as of this weekend I am officially 169!!!! I have tried soooo hard for so long to get below 170! I can't explain to you how good this makes me feel! I should have started running a long time ago! haha The coolest thing about it all is that I haven't really been dieting! I have cut back on my portions and not eaten as much as I normally do....stopping when I'm full and not overeating. A diet like that works great for me! :)

The story of when I weighed myself is actually pretty funny. I went over to my friend Vikki's house (she is also on a weight loss plan and she's loss 70 pounds!) and she has this high tech scale. Well the last time that I was on it, I weight 176.1 pounds. Well when the number popped up as 169 all that I saw was the 9....I was like damnit!! I gained 3 pounds!! While I'm sulking, Vikki is jumping up and down with excitement and then it hits me that that is a 6 and not a 7!! It was too funny to say the least. We hugged each other and got so excited. It's so great to have motivation and support like that!!!

Let's say that I feel very accomplished and have not gone out and overindulged myself yet. haha and I probably won't be doing that. The wedding is now 6 weeks away and I am trying my dress on again this Thursday.....THE FINAL all that I can do, is keep going down.

For my height I should range anywhere from 118-159 pounds so I am still considered to be overweight. My current goal is 165 and once I reach that I think I will aim for 160 or even 155. I still have a long way to go and if I have made it this far....I will make it that far!

My mom has also lost weight since her surgery. She's lost 11 pounds also! She looks really good! She was so excited to because she's been struggling with her weight as well. There is so much support and motivation around us to keep us all going. It really does make a HUGE difference. Thanks everyone for listening! HAPPY MONDAY!

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Vikki said...

that is soo cool, that was funny when you weighed yourself.