Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Bucket List

I noticed an i-reports on CNN today and it was about writing a list of things to do before you die in honor of Dave Freeman who died unexpectantly at the age of 47. Freeman wrote the book "100 things to do before you die." So in honor of Dave and myself I decided the write my own "Bucket List" of things that I want/hope/and pray to do before God calls me home. Enjoy :)

I loved the movie "The Bucket List" and ever since then I have been thinking about the things that I want to do before I die. I am only 22 years old so I have a long life ahead of me (I pray). So here is what I would love to do (in no particular order):

1-Graduate from College (Did this May 2008)
2-Earn my Master's Degree
3-Swim with dolphins
4-Travel to Italy, Greece and Spain
5-Have 3-5 children
6-Marry the love of my life (Will do on November 8, 2008)
7-Ski in Colorado
8-See the Grand Canyon
9-Own a Golden Retreiver named Shadow or Isabella
10-Become a professional photographer
11-Grow old with my husband
12-Go on an African Safari
13-See my grand children
14-Run a marathon
15-Learn how to cook like my mom
16-Learn to be more confident and less critical of myself
17-Build a better relationship with God
18-Meet Keith Urban
19-Ride an elephant
20-Have a lasting impact on people's lives

Wish me luck everyone! I encourage you all to take some time to write out a list of things you want to do. It'll make you feel good :)
Also I posted earlier today too, so check that out below!

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