Friday, August 15, 2008

Busy Weekend ahead!

It's Friday!!! Yahoooooo!! :) This week went by surprisingly quick...imagine that! It doesn't seem like Friday at all. I have an action packed weekend ahead of me. Tomorrow I am taking my good friend's kids for half the day so that he can clean his house (he's a single dad of two) and prepare the party decorations for his little girl's birthday party tomorrow. I originally planned on taking them to the park and then to see Wall-E (looks cute...anyone know?) but I drove past the Fair Grounds today and Animal Planet is going to be there tomorrow with tons of animals! I think that they would really enjoy that so we may just do that, skip the park and still head over to the movies....or maybe there then the park...who knows. I will let them decide. I am up for whatever they want to do! :)
Sunday is my best friend's engagement party! Congrats Crystal and Rob! :)
Somewhere between all of this I will do my daily running. I am getting really good at it and I'm really starting to see improvements as well as receive compliments :) Make me feel like what I'm doing is working. It's great motivation! I want to get an Odometer (?) to put around my ankle to see how far I'm actually going. I estimate that it's anywhere between 2-3 miles total? Who knows....I do know that when I started it took me about 45 minutes to run/walk the whole thing, now I am run/walking the entire route in about 30 minutes...whic means...that I am running more! Hard work pays off! And THAT is why I enojoyed a Snicker today....hey hey now....the vending machine guy gave it to me so what else was I suppose to do with it?? ;)
Anyway...I'm not sure that I'll have time to post this weekend but I hope that everyone enjoys the weekend!!! Make sure to continue to check out my Project 365 Photos at!! :)

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