Sunday, July 27, 2008

What a weekend!

I had a pretty eventful weekend! It was alot of fun. Friday the neighbors and I all went out to Ye Olde Fashion! I was very excited because I wanted a BLT really bad. I did not feel guilty about eating it because I did make it to the gym before we went to dinner :) It was delicious!

Saturday me and my good friend Ricky and his kiddos went downtown to Brittlebank Park.....then we went to Chic Fil A and then we went to Battery Park. It was such a nice day. I will post some pictures from our day on my Photography blog. If you click on my view complete profile you can find the link for my photography blog. After we did that I took 5 kids between the ages of 15 and 4 to see Kung Fu Panda! It was a cute movie and I had a blast hanging out with all of those kids! I can't wait to have some! Woohoo! He he he :)

That night my neighbor had a candle party and we went to that. It was nice and I ordered something! I just couldnt help myself. I got so much partylite stuff and I can't wait until me and David have our own place so I can put all my stuff out! :)

Today, me and my friends Crystal, Jewel and Vikki went to David's Bridal to try on bridesmaids dresses for C's wedding! We had a blast!! I am going to post a few of those pictures on here. We had a great time and went from about 15 dresses to deciding on about 4 or she made some progress. I can't wait to see which one she chooses! :) Then we ate at Olive Garden. I came home and took a was supposed to be 20 minutes but turned into almost 2 hours and now I have a headache and don't feel too hot. on that note....I am going to get off now and head to bed to talk to David and watch'll be an early night tonight :)

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