Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hey! Sorry I did not update yesterday! I was busy and then my computer was dead and I didn't feel like it. I have good and bad news.....

Good news:
I went to the gym on Monday and Tuesday and did the 1 hour cycling class!! It was awesome. Aside from my butt being extremely sore, I did pretty good and it feels great. I can already feel the difference in my body since I started back. If you have never done a cycling class you should because it really kicks your butt!

Bad news:
I cheated on my diet yesterday...*sigh* I know I know.....pathetic, but you don't have any idea how good my mom's peach cobler is! I cannot resist it and when I got home from the gym a big bowl, fresh out of the oven, was sitting on the stove! So of course I dove right on in!

Today I am doing better. I had yougurt and about 5 red cherries for breakfast. I am about to eat a turkey sandwich on wheat and have a salad with carrots and cucumbers. I have grapes and 94% fat free kettle that's a start. I am really going to do this. I just have to get over myself first!

So David had his first night back to work last night. He's working overnight as an Assistant Manager (just promoted about a month ago!) and his shift is from 9pm to 8am....yes that makes for a very long night. He did ok though. He loves his job now that he is a manager. He is coming down for my birthday (August 19th) and we are all going camping in Myrtle Beach! My family and I have been several times (it's our favorite spot) but David has never gone and I'm super excited about taking him! I can't wait to see him! It's only been a week but it feels like forever :)

Well anyway...I am going to go and eat my lunch now. Have a good day to those who read this! :)

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