Monday, July 21, 2008

Not bad for a Monday!

Hello all!

I had a fabulous weekend! I didn't eat as good as I could but I did exercise as often as I could....for example....we went to the lake on Saturday and I swam around for as much as I could handle (not a strong swimmer), that evening we had a cook out in honor of my mom's birthday and I took a walk after I ate and that night me and my cousin and aunt went out to a club/bar and danced for a little over 2 hours!! We had a blast too!! :) It was a nice clean decent club....they played mostly classic rock and oldies music which is right up my alley!

When I got home yesterday I wanted to go to the gym and I wanted to hang out and play with the neighbor kids and friends. So I asked my friend Vik if she would like to go walking and so me and her went for a 2-mile 45 minute walk together! When we got back from that I went for a quick bike ride and then I can back and me and my friend Ricky and his kids (4 and 6) went on a 2 mile bike ride. I pulled the kids behind me (total weight 96 lbs) the entire time! Let's say my thighs had a good burn and it was great!!!

So I am very proud of myself!!! I started back on the diet this AM and I figure I'll cut back during the week and eat what I want on the weekends and see what happens!

Dave's work week is almost over. He is getting some mad overtime this week. Poor baby...he works 88 hours straight before he gets his 6 days off. I could NOT imagine!!! Tomorrow is his last night for 6 days....and boy is he glad!

Well I have ran out of time.....the gym is calling!! Wish me luck in cycling today! Yee-haw!!


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