Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Monday

So today wasn't too bad of a day for a Monday. I came in to work around 7:30 (still currently at work) and spent the entire day working on a project and eating junk food (and a lean cuisine). I have decided (since I feel terribly guilty about my eating habits) that I need to start going back to the gym.....

Reason #1:
I am getting married in less than 4 months and I am not where I want to be as far as weight and shape go

Reason #2:
I feel less lazy and more productive when I work out

Reason #3:
I am paying $40 a month for a gym membership

Reason #4:
I have no reason not to go!!!

So, for those 4 reasons I am going to the gym today to do a cycling class. I used to do them a while ago and I LOVE it but for some reason I always slack off when I get going good. But this time I have more motivation. I have a beautiful wedding gown and I want to look like a princess in it :) That's good reason enough.

David had a nice day as well. He spent most of it cleaning for his mom because she recently had surgery (hysterectomy) and is not fully back to normal yet. Isn't he sweet? Last time I talked to him he was vacuuming the tile floor throughout the house. I told him that he better get use to it because I don't do chores that involve pushing things (i.e., grass cutting, edging and vacuuming). He laughed at me but little does he know....I am so not kidding!! :)

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