Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fridayis almost here

Hey everyone! It's almost Friday....can I get a whoop whoop?? "Whoop whoop!" I never really cared that it was Friday when I was in college because I always spent my weekends studying so every day of the week just blended in together. But now that I am steadily working an 8-5 job I can't wait until Fridays. It's just such an exciting day. Everyone in the office gets so excited and everyone leaves early. I will say that it is probably my favorite day of the week.

What's your favorite day of the week?

This week has gone by well. I went to cycling last night and it was intense! Some lady was sitting in for Jeff and she was a nut. She was ripped all over! It was a tough class but I pushed through it and did just fine. I am seeing such good improvements all over my body. I'm getting excited for my weigh in day on Monday! Wish me luck!

I don't have a packed weekend planned like usual. This weekend is actually one of my free weekends. By free I mean that I only have about 2-3 free weekends left before I move to Tampa! EEEck!! Time is sure going to start flying by. I got alot of memories to make and people to spend time with before I go! :( Boy is that move going to be hard...... is what the next 3 months looks like for me

August 9th: Celebrating my 22nd birthday!
August 10th: Getting professional pictures taken with my best friends, C & J
August 10th: Bridal Show 12pm-5pm
August 16th: Jillian's 6th birthday party (she's growing up way too fast)
August 17th: C and Rob's Engagement Party
August 19th: MY BIRTHDAY!
August 21st: Dave flying in (YAY!!)
August 21st: Getting our marriage license
August 22nd-August 24th: Camping in Myrtle Beach with family!
August 25th: Dave leaving (BOO!!)
August 29th-September 2nd: In West Virginia with family for a family reunion
September 6th: Baby Shower for neighbor
September 7th: Sean's 2nd Birthday Party
September 13th: Bridal Shower #1 in GA
September 18th: Driving to FL with the little sister to see Dave and go to Sea World/Busch Gardens!
September 22nd: Driving back to Charleston with the little sister
October 4th: Bridal Shower #2 in SC
October 25th: Bridesmaids Dinner/Bachelorette Party
November 1st: Moving my stuff down to Tampa
November 8: OUR WEDDING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah....let's just say that I got so much stuff to do. The things I listed are big doesn't include the hundreds of little things that I got to do. But you know what? I am excited! I am not complaining. This are some good times. Times that cannot be replaced or done over and I love it :)

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The Griffith Family said...

OMG... I cannot believe you are going to be 22... GIRL I have to come see you to believe this. It just ain't true!!!!! OH and you're coming up to W.VA... where at? I'm not far from W.VA... let me know.
Sounds like you are busy... I have "the day" marked- I'll let you know if it will work out. Good luck. OH are you and Jewel still friends? The jewel I knew?