Thursday, July 24, 2008

David and Me

Hello everyone! I saw this on a friend’s blog and thought it would be fun to put out there so everyone could know a little more about David and Me.

Ten Things You May Not Know About Me (Heather)

1-I have a passion for photography
2-I love to fly
3-I still sleep with a stuffed animal
4-I love Italian food
5-I adore kids and cannot wait to have my own
6-I use to play the piano when I was a little one
7-I am terrified of snakes and roaches
8-I am a nail biter!
9-I am a sucker for David’s kisses :)
10-I really want a Golden Retriever!

Ten Things You May Not Know About David

1-He is an amazing guitar player although he’ll hardly play for anyone!
2-He loves kids just like I do
3-He loves Italian food
4-He is an Overnight Assistant Manager for Walgreens
5-He is a very determined person and will do what it takes to get something done
6-He LOVES coffee
7-He has a love for classic rock music
8-He likes Huskies and Bassett Hounds
9-He has a wonderful personality and sense of humor and he can make any one laugh
10-He is probably going to kill me for posting this about him….HE-HE-HE

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