Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bridal Show!

Today me and my best friends, Crystal and Jewel went to a local Bridal Show (A Wonderful Wedding). We had a really good time, although I like the other, bigger bridal show much more. That one is coming in August! I decided to go ahead and sign up again as a bride....well maybe I should NOT have because everyone was like sign up for this, sign up for that....little did they know I am about 90% finished with my planning!! We are getting so excited! I am getting butterflies just thinking about the wedding! We cannot wait!! :)

My friend C won a free 1 hour sunset/harbor cruise! It was funny because she said "We never win anything!!" and then the next winner was her! She was very excited!! I was excited for her because she's had ALOT going on in her life right now and it cheered her up a little more.

So yesterday was my mom's 46th birthday! We spent the entire day out on our new sailboat. My dad got the sailboat while I was down in Tampa visiting David last week. We had such a great time. I love spending time with my family and more so now than ever because I am moving to Tampa in approximately 4 months. We boated down the Ashley River, then took it down to the harbor where we met up with some friends to have a nice dinner at California Dreaming (right on the harbor). It was such a beautiful day and I think I got a little too much sun! We intended to catch a bunch of fish but instead we caught (well Ricky caught) a baby shark, a stingray, two blue crabs and one fish that was about 11 inches long. So let's just say that we didn't get to have a fish fry!! HAHA I am going to post some pictures later of our excursion. It was fun and we cannot wait to go out again :)

Today after the bridal show we threw a baby shower for a good friend of ours, Christina. Her baby BOY is due in about two weeks!!! We had some great food, fun games and a great time. I will post pictures of that too.

Anyway....I had such a busy busy weekend! I am pooped! :) I will write tomorrow but for now I am going to call my honey and watch Bridezillas! :) Night!

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