Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fridayis almost here

Hey everyone! It's almost Friday....can I get a whoop whoop?? "Whoop whoop!" I never really cared that it was Friday when I was in college because I always spent my weekends studying so every day of the week just blended in together. But now that I am steadily working an 8-5 job I can't wait until Fridays. It's just such an exciting day. Everyone in the office gets so excited and everyone leaves early. I will say that it is probably my favorite day of the week.

What's your favorite day of the week?

This week has gone by well. I went to cycling last night and it was intense! Some lady was sitting in for Jeff and she was a nut. She was ripped all over! It was a tough class but I pushed through it and did just fine. I am seeing such good improvements all over my body. I'm getting excited for my weigh in day on Monday! Wish me luck!

I don't have a packed weekend planned like usual. This weekend is actually one of my free weekends. By free I mean that I only have about 2-3 free weekends left before I move to Tampa! EEEck!! Time is sure going to start flying by. I got alot of memories to make and people to spend time with before I go! :( Boy is that move going to be hard...... is what the next 3 months looks like for me

August 9th: Celebrating my 22nd birthday!
August 10th: Getting professional pictures taken with my best friends, C & J
August 10th: Bridal Show 12pm-5pm
August 16th: Jillian's 6th birthday party (she's growing up way too fast)
August 17th: C and Rob's Engagement Party
August 19th: MY BIRTHDAY!
August 21st: Dave flying in (YAY!!)
August 21st: Getting our marriage license
August 22nd-August 24th: Camping in Myrtle Beach with family!
August 25th: Dave leaving (BOO!!)
August 29th-September 2nd: In West Virginia with family for a family reunion
September 6th: Baby Shower for neighbor
September 7th: Sean's 2nd Birthday Party
September 13th: Bridal Shower #1 in GA
September 18th: Driving to FL with the little sister to see Dave and go to Sea World/Busch Gardens!
September 22nd: Driving back to Charleston with the little sister
October 4th: Bridal Shower #2 in SC
October 25th: Bridesmaids Dinner/Bachelorette Party
November 1st: Moving my stuff down to Tampa
November 8: OUR WEDDING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah....let's just say that I got so much stuff to do. The things I listed are big doesn't include the hundreds of little things that I got to do. But you know what? I am excited! I am not complaining. This are some good times. Times that cannot be replaced or done over and I love it :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not too bad!

Well I did it! I lost 4 pounds…..not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 pounds in two weeks!! :) GO ME is all that I have to say. I cannot believe it!! I went to my usual cycling class (had a blast) and walked by the scale saying nah I shouldn’t get on there but of course I did and I dropped 4 pounds! Which means that I lied on my license renewal paper yesterday! OOOPS!!! LOL It feels pretty good! I’m going to continue and hopefully get to my goal weight by the time of the wedding. I will weigh myself again next Monday and see how I’ve done. Wish me luck!

Monday, July 28, 2008

I love my life

I love my life.....simple as that. God has blessed me so much. I have such an amazing family and such amazing friends that I couldn't imagine not having them in my life. People come and go in your life but the ones who remain through the years are the ones who impact you the most and who you know will always be there for you. I just wanted to say to those people that I love you. Thank you for always being there and caring so much :) Have a great Monday everyone :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

What a weekend!

I had a pretty eventful weekend! It was alot of fun. Friday the neighbors and I all went out to Ye Olde Fashion! I was very excited because I wanted a BLT really bad. I did not feel guilty about eating it because I did make it to the gym before we went to dinner :) It was delicious!

Saturday me and my good friend Ricky and his kiddos went downtown to Brittlebank Park.....then we went to Chic Fil A and then we went to Battery Park. It was such a nice day. I will post some pictures from our day on my Photography blog. If you click on my view complete profile you can find the link for my photography blog. After we did that I took 5 kids between the ages of 15 and 4 to see Kung Fu Panda! It was a cute movie and I had a blast hanging out with all of those kids! I can't wait to have some! Woohoo! He he he :)

That night my neighbor had a candle party and we went to that. It was nice and I ordered something! I just couldnt help myself. I got so much partylite stuff and I can't wait until me and David have our own place so I can put all my stuff out! :)

Today, me and my friends Crystal, Jewel and Vikki went to David's Bridal to try on bridesmaids dresses for C's wedding! We had a blast!! I am going to post a few of those pictures on here. We had a great time and went from about 15 dresses to deciding on about 4 or she made some progress. I can't wait to see which one she chooses! :) Then we ate at Olive Garden. I came home and took a was supposed to be 20 minutes but turned into almost 2 hours and now I have a headache and don't feel too hot. on that note....I am going to get off now and head to bed to talk to David and watch'll be an early night tonight :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

25 Years ago today.........

My parents were married. Today is their 25th Wedding Anniversary!!! :) Go Mom and Dad! My parents have been such an inspiration for me. They were there to push me through school and to make sure that I had a great life growing up. They always provided me with everything that I needed and made sure that our home was always filled with love and laughter. I am so blessed to have parents like them. They have such great love and respect for each other. Their marriage has been a very successful one and I know, by looking at them, that my marriage will be the same. They love each other still to this day like they did when they first met. I will never forget the examples my parents have set and I hope that when I have children, I can too, show them the love my parents have shown me and set an example with David of how love should be. I love you Mom and Dad. Happy Silver Anniversary! I cannot wait to celebrate the 50th with you! :)

Love your daughter,

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Here are some more pictures! Check out the other 3 posts below this one!

Again....compliments to STACY PEARSALL!

Engagement Pictures Compliments of Stacy Pearsall

These are just a few of the many engagement pictures that Stacy Pearsall took of us back in May. She is amazing! She is also doing our wedding photography. Check out her site at
*Make sure you read the other two blogs after this one! I'm on a roll!!!! :) :) :)

David and Me

Hello everyone! I saw this on a friend’s blog and thought it would be fun to put out there so everyone could know a little more about David and Me.

Ten Things You May Not Know About Me (Heather)

1-I have a passion for photography
2-I love to fly
3-I still sleep with a stuffed animal
4-I love Italian food
5-I adore kids and cannot wait to have my own
6-I use to play the piano when I was a little one
7-I am terrified of snakes and roaches
8-I am a nail biter!
9-I am a sucker for David’s kisses :)
10-I really want a Golden Retriever!

Ten Things You May Not Know About David

1-He is an amazing guitar player although he’ll hardly play for anyone!
2-He loves kids just like I do
3-He loves Italian food
4-He is an Overnight Assistant Manager for Walgreens
5-He is a very determined person and will do what it takes to get something done
6-He LOVES coffee
7-He has a love for classic rock music
8-He likes Huskies and Bassett Hounds
9-He has a wonderful personality and sense of humor and he can make any one laugh
10-He is probably going to kill me for posting this about him….HE-HE-HE

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some pictures of my family

Here are a few recent pictures of my family! :)

Still going strong!

Hey everyone! I just thought that I would update saying that I went to the gym again tonight for my favorite cycling class of the week! Jeff teaches it and he is so intense! I love it! I can't wait to go back tomorrow. Cycling is becoming one of my favorite things to do now.

Today was David's first day off. Poor thing. I don't know how he works 88 hours in one week but he does it....with little complaining. I give him props because I know that I couldn't do it. My baby is a hard-working man! That is one of my favorite things about him. Anyway...he couldn't make it past 6:30 so that means I don't get to talk to him tonight. :( i miss him *sigh*

Anyway...I'm going to hit the sack now or maybe post some more pictures on my photography blog...check that out if you are interested. Night everyone!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Not bad for a Monday!

Hello all!

I had a fabulous weekend! I didn't eat as good as I could but I did exercise as often as I could....for example....we went to the lake on Saturday and I swam around for as much as I could handle (not a strong swimmer), that evening we had a cook out in honor of my mom's birthday and I took a walk after I ate and that night me and my cousin and aunt went out to a club/bar and danced for a little over 2 hours!! We had a blast too!! :) It was a nice clean decent club....they played mostly classic rock and oldies music which is right up my alley!

When I got home yesterday I wanted to go to the gym and I wanted to hang out and play with the neighbor kids and friends. So I asked my friend Vik if she would like to go walking and so me and her went for a 2-mile 45 minute walk together! When we got back from that I went for a quick bike ride and then I can back and me and my friend Ricky and his kids (4 and 6) went on a 2 mile bike ride. I pulled the kids behind me (total weight 96 lbs) the entire time! Let's say my thighs had a good burn and it was great!!!

So I am very proud of myself!!! I started back on the diet this AM and I figure I'll cut back during the week and eat what I want on the weekends and see what happens!

Dave's work week is almost over. He is getting some mad overtime this week. Poor baby...he works 88 hours straight before he gets his 6 days off. I could NOT imagine!!! Tomorrow is his last night for 6 days....and boy is he glad!

Well I have ran out of time.....the gym is calling!! Wish me luck in cycling today! Yee-haw!!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ugh..... right....

My day started off nice. I got to work and got a call from my honey. He was nice and perky considering he worked all night. I got to talk to him for a little while before he went off to sleep.
After he was gone......let's say things went downhill a little. I got really bad cramps from the you know what and my head started hurting and I am completely stressed out with a project that I just I decided to take a lunch break hoping that it would help....and it did a little, but not much. I guess what would really help would be for 4:45pm to roll around faster!! hehe

I am going to GA tomorrow with my mom and sister for the weekend. We're going to visit some family. I'm excited because usually I don't get to go because I'm eyebrow deep with homework and studying. But now that I'M GRADUATED I don't have anymore of that! And so I go!

I did really good at the gym last night. That 90 minute class kicked my butt! I didn't stay the entire time because I was getting calls and text messages and I wanted to talk to David before he went to work. I am really proud of myself this week. I plan on going today after work because I'm going out of town. I guess I'll have to find other ways to exercise while I'm gone. I am going to pick up a set of 10lb weights before I go home. My boss has became my personal trainer for free!! He's a really big runner/biker and he really knows his stuff.

I had a salad with whole carrots and cucumbers and a lasagna lean cuisine for lunch. Oh yeah and some applesauce! Not too bad huh? I can't help but want a snicker bar right now....I think that will help me cheer up and not feel so crappy. What do you think? LOL!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hey! Sorry I did not update yesterday! I was busy and then my computer was dead and I didn't feel like it. I have good and bad news.....

Good news:
I went to the gym on Monday and Tuesday and did the 1 hour cycling class!! It was awesome. Aside from my butt being extremely sore, I did pretty good and it feels great. I can already feel the difference in my body since I started back. If you have never done a cycling class you should because it really kicks your butt!

Bad news:
I cheated on my diet yesterday...*sigh* I know I know.....pathetic, but you don't have any idea how good my mom's peach cobler is! I cannot resist it and when I got home from the gym a big bowl, fresh out of the oven, was sitting on the stove! So of course I dove right on in!

Today I am doing better. I had yougurt and about 5 red cherries for breakfast. I am about to eat a turkey sandwich on wheat and have a salad with carrots and cucumbers. I have grapes and 94% fat free kettle that's a start. I am really going to do this. I just have to get over myself first!

So David had his first night back to work last night. He's working overnight as an Assistant Manager (just promoted about a month ago!) and his shift is from 9pm to 8am....yes that makes for a very long night. He did ok though. He loves his job now that he is a manager. He is coming down for my birthday (August 19th) and we are all going camping in Myrtle Beach! My family and I have been several times (it's our favorite spot) but David has never gone and I'm super excited about taking him! I can't wait to see him! It's only been a week but it feels like forever :)

Well anyway...I am going to go and eat my lunch now. Have a good day to those who read this! :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

New Goals

Ok so I did it! I went to the cycling class and it was amazing! It really kicked my butt but it pumped me up and inspired me to try and lose weight again. After the gym I went to Publix and picked up some things:

1-Bag Salad

2-Light Ranch Dressing

3-Bag of Baby Carrots


5-100 Calorie Popcorn

6-(6) Lean Cuisines

7-Bottled Water


So I think I'm good to go for about a week and I only spent $20! That's cheaper than eating fast food everyday for a week! I am really pumped about this! So wish me luck!

Starting weight: 180 (not my heaviest...thank GOD!)...see picture of me and my little sister up top

1st goal: 175 (I am aiming for a 5lb. loss in about 2 weeks)

2nd goal: 170 (I am aiming for a 10lb. loss in about 4-8 weeks)

3rd goal: 165 (I am aiming for a 15lb. loss by November 8, 2008...our wedding day)

The future is in the eye of the beholder

Monday Monday

So today wasn't too bad of a day for a Monday. I came in to work around 7:30 (still currently at work) and spent the entire day working on a project and eating junk food (and a lean cuisine). I have decided (since I feel terribly guilty about my eating habits) that I need to start going back to the gym.....

Reason #1:
I am getting married in less than 4 months and I am not where I want to be as far as weight and shape go

Reason #2:
I feel less lazy and more productive when I work out

Reason #3:
I am paying $40 a month for a gym membership

Reason #4:
I have no reason not to go!!!

So, for those 4 reasons I am going to the gym today to do a cycling class. I used to do them a while ago and I LOVE it but for some reason I always slack off when I get going good. But this time I have more motivation. I have a beautiful wedding gown and I want to look like a princess in it :) That's good reason enough.

David had a nice day as well. He spent most of it cleaning for his mom because she recently had surgery (hysterectomy) and is not fully back to normal yet. Isn't he sweet? Last time I talked to him he was vacuuming the tile floor throughout the house. I told him that he better get use to it because I don't do chores that involve pushing things (i.e., grass cutting, edging and vacuuming). He laughed at me but little does he know....I am so not kidding!! :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bridal Show!

Today me and my best friends, Crystal and Jewel went to a local Bridal Show (A Wonderful Wedding). We had a really good time, although I like the other, bigger bridal show much more. That one is coming in August! I decided to go ahead and sign up again as a bride....well maybe I should NOT have because everyone was like sign up for this, sign up for that....little did they know I am about 90% finished with my planning!! We are getting so excited! I am getting butterflies just thinking about the wedding! We cannot wait!! :)

My friend C won a free 1 hour sunset/harbor cruise! It was funny because she said "We never win anything!!" and then the next winner was her! She was very excited!! I was excited for her because she's had ALOT going on in her life right now and it cheered her up a little more.

So yesterday was my mom's 46th birthday! We spent the entire day out on our new sailboat. My dad got the sailboat while I was down in Tampa visiting David last week. We had such a great time. I love spending time with my family and more so now than ever because I am moving to Tampa in approximately 4 months. We boated down the Ashley River, then took it down to the harbor where we met up with some friends to have a nice dinner at California Dreaming (right on the harbor). It was such a beautiful day and I think I got a little too much sun! We intended to catch a bunch of fish but instead we caught (well Ricky caught) a baby shark, a stingray, two blue crabs and one fish that was about 11 inches long. So let's just say that we didn't get to have a fish fry!! HAHA I am going to post some pictures later of our excursion. It was fun and we cannot wait to go out again :)

Today after the bridal show we threw a baby shower for a good friend of ours, Christina. Her baby BOY is due in about two weeks!!! We had some great food, fun games and a great time. I will post pictures of that too.

Anyway....I had such a busy busy weekend! I am pooped! :) I will write tomorrow but for now I am going to call my honey and watch Bridezillas! :) Night!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Welcome to by Blog!

Hello everyone! We are Heather and David. Well I should say Heather. I will be doing most of the writing here. I hope to meet lots of friends and become friends with bloggers whose blogs I read on a daily basis. Be my friend please! :)

The purpose of this blog is to document (for family, friends and anyone) the life of me and my soon to be husband, David. We met about 4 years ago, have been dating for 3, engaged for 8 months and our wedding is on November 8, 2008! We were friends before we started dating and it wasn't until David moved away that we realized our feelings for each other. We have done the long distance thing practically our entire relationship but we know, without a doubt, that we are meant to be together. We hope everyone enjoys reading about our journey of love, laughter, happiness, family, babies and anything else that we are bound to come across. Feel free to leave us comments if you would like to. We hope you enjoy! :)