Monday, December 29, 2008

Almost All Packed Up!

Wow....what a busy couple of days! I have been packing non-stop and I am about 85% of the way done! :) Packing is not easy at all. I never knew how much crap I actually have and how much stuff I've fitted into my tiny room all these years! I can't wait to have all 802 sq. feet to myself! I am serious when I say that I can't wait! Ahhh :) Life is good once again :)

It's starting to settle in that I am leaving.....leaving my home that I've lived in since I was 3 years old....I'm getting emtional just thinking about it. I was ready to go 2 months ago when I was suppose to get married but that was with David so I wasn't totally alone and on my own. NOW I am all by myself....I depend on me and only me! It's a great feeling but also scary at the same time and I still wish that I could depend on David :-(

Anyway....we are loading up the U-Haul on Friday and we are rolling out about 5am on Saturday! I am going to get in the bed early so that I am awake. I am driving so I will need to be alert. Life is about to change big time for me and I am so ready!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

New car!!

I got a new car! It's not brand new but it's awesome! :) I traded my Mazda 3 in for a BMW X3! Ahhhh I loooooove it! My mom got an X5 last week and they had a really good deal going with a 0.9 interest rate and I don't have to pay my first payment until April! Woohoo! I love it! :)

Now I will feel much much safer driving up and down I-75, I-10 and I-95 on my travels from St. Pete to home!

Now I'm off to my grandma's with my family for Christmas on my mom's side! I'm so excited! I can't wait to see everybody. It's going to be a good day!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, December 26, 2008

What a Great Christmas!

Christmas was awesome! So much family and friends and food! :) It def. was one of the best for me! And the last one for me while I'm still living at home! :( Maybe that's why it was so special!
I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas!!!! :)

Today is my Daddy's birthday! Happy Birthday Daddy!! :) I love you so much! And I'm sorry that you have to celebrate your birthday so soon after Christmas! Thank you and mom for having me in August!! haha....just kidding ;)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Feeling better today

I'm feeling better today....thank God.

I just called and my electricity in my apartment will be on Jan 2nd! :)
And my cable/internet will be set up on Jan 6th! I don't know how the heck I'm going to go 3 days without internet or law and order! Ahhh haha

Well I'm eating chips and salsa and waiting for Without A Trace to come on....boy I got a fun life huh? Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Another bad day

I just keep getting worse and worse emotionally.....*sigh*

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Down Day

Ok so I know I have a million things in the world to be thankful for and excited about but today I am depressed. I don't just mean sad, I mean depressed. I was like this yesterday too. I cried all day....had a headache....just felt empty and down.

I hate feeling this way and I feel silly for feeling this way when I read about other things going on in some of my blogger buddies' lives. It makes me feel selfish. I know that I put myself here and what's done it done, but there is nothing that is helping me to feel better. I don't know what to do with myself. I am tired of sitting around my doesn't help, running doesn't help, absolutely nothing helps.

Christmas is 4 days away and normally I'm so excited I can't wait, but this feels like it's just another day in the year. I am scared and worried about myself. I've never felt this down and sad before....I don't know what to do. How can I be so depressed when I just landed such an amazing job?

I miss my David...I miss him dearly. I wish I was married. I wish I was celebrating Christmas with my husband in 4 days.....I am so lonely and empty and my heart is broken. We still talk and things are ok, but it is so hard....everyday is hard....and I don't see it getting better.

I'm praying so hard for God to give me strength, but I just can't feel better!!! I want to so bad, but I just can't!!! It's so frustrating and complicated.....

How do I move forward?

What is wrong with me?

Lazy Sunday

Today is one of those lazy days. I am still in bed, with my pajamas on and of course I am blogging. I am so addicted these days! I bet I will be doing it alot more once I move to St.Pete. I can't wait!

So I found my apartment yesterday! Applied and approved and I move in on January 3rd! :) I can't believe the day has finally come for me to be independent. I know that getting married would have meant that too, but since those plans changed, I am really going to be indepedent now! My parents are helping me move, thank God, because I have been unemployed for 2 months and have no money. My parents truly are a blessing. I don't know what I would do without them. Anyway, I plan on paying them back once I get settled. It's not cheap to move!

My sister's graduation party was fun! I am so proud of her and she was so happy to be finished! It's such a good feeling graduating from college, to know that all those years of studying your ass off, and not having a life paid off! Way to go Big Sis!

Well I don't have too much to post today. I'm just kind of laying around. I did the last of my Christmas shopping yesterday....thank God for credit cards! today I think I will just relax......we'll see :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

I got my offer in the mail today :) Nice to actually see it on paper!

I've been apartment searching all day and I think I have found the perfect place. They have a corporate discount rate of 8% off every month's rent! They wave all fees including the pet fees which means I can get a doggie and not have to pay the outrageous pet deposit! There is a dog part and the community is gated and it's very close to my job. There is a gym and several pools which is great because it's warm mostly all year down there! They also have hiking trails.
Pretty cool huh?

I'm sure some of you are wondering the name of the company I am going to be working for. You may have heard of it before. It's a multi-billion dollar corporation and they have offices all over the world. The company is called General Dynamics. I am going to be working at the Ordnance and Tactical Systems headquarters. Within GD there are 4 branches: Aerospace, Combat Systems, Marine Systems and Information Systems and Technology. The Ordnance and Tactical Systems branch is a part of the Combat Systems. This job is pretty cool and because we deal with Defense contracting most of what I do is secretive. There are certain things I can and cannot say, like what I'll be doing. I'm use to this kind of environment because of my past employment with Force Protection, which some of you may have heard about. GD is a great company and has been around a long time. They employ over 91,000 people through out all of their facilities and brought in about $27.2 billion in revenue last year. They are very stable in this unstable market, which I'm sure all of you know that the economy is not doing so hot right now and the unemployment rate is climbing....especially here in Charleston. This is why I am so fortunate to land such an amazing job opportunity PLUS this job is really freakin cool!!! hehehe

I've really enjoyed my employment working with Defense Contractors and I'm excited that my career is heading in that direction. I would be very happy to work in this type of environment and industry for the rest of my life. I love purchasing, procurement and Importing/Exporting and just the whole logistics aspect of it all.

So again, as you can tell, I am very excited about this job. I am going to go big places with this company and I can't wait to start. It's going to be such a great learning experience as well as a very challenging job. So much to learn and so much opportunity to grow.

Aside from my job excitement, I have began to run again! :) Go me! Today was my second day and I totally forgot to post about it yesterday. A couple months ago I had built myself up about 3 miles a day. I think I pulled a muscle in my right side because I would have seriously sharp pains everytime I would start running. It hurt so bad and I could barely walk so I had to stop for a while. When I started back yesterday I was good to go! :) No sharp pain, just a little heart pain, but that's because I need to build back up the strength. I LOVE to run....its very theraputic and I'm excited to get back in to it. Oh yeah, another reason why I started back is because it's been close to 80 during the day here! Can you believe that? But starting on Sunday it's going to get cold I'll probably cut back on the running. It hurts my chest to run in the cold.

Anyway, I have to go run and pick up my little sister and her best friend from school and take them to the barn :)

Tomorrow is going to be fun. My big sister Brandy is graduating from College of Charleston with a B.S. in Accountancy! Go girl! :) I'm proud of her and our parents are proud that two of their daughters graduated from college in the same year! :) You can imagine how excited and proud they must be of their girls! Happy Friday everybody!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

God has answered my prayers!

I got the job! I got the job!!!! Ahhh!!! (jumping up and down)

My start date is January 12th!

My salary is a whole lot more than what I thought it would be!

And I get a $2500 sign-on bonus to help me with moving expenses!

God is an AWESOME God!

I just can't believe that I got an opportunity like this! I can't explain how happy this makes me and how excited I am about starting a new phase of my life!

St. I come!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin*

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My obsessions

I have alot of free time on my hands right now, you know with not having a job or anything. And I have to admit that it SUCKS! I never had a problem with working everyday. I didn't mind the 9 to 5 job except on days where I didn't have any work to do at work. Those days were boring and those days were ones I couldn't wait to end!

Since I have had so much free time I have developed daily habits and obsessions. I'm anxious to get back to work. I feel like a bum most days and I get that "blah" feeling alot laying around so much. I should know something really soon about my job. My paperwork was lost, I sent it over again and the HR guy was out sick for a couple of days. But he's back, paperwork was received and the offer is being drawn up! It won't be long now :) first obsession is all know how that is. I LOVE blogging and I'm always posting about something and reading something. I check my blog alot during the day and I get excited when I see that one of my "blogging buddies" posted something new. It's such a fun hobby! I would love to start designing blogs but I don't have a clue where I should start! I could really enjoy doing that as another hobby!

My second obsession is peanut butter toast.....everyday....with milk....I know weird, but there is just something about it! I love it! :)

My third obsession is carrots....not the little ones in the bag but the big long ones in the bag. I Looooooove them! It's a favorite snack of mine that I've been eating alot lately...much better than a cookie or candy right?!

My 4th obsession is Law and Order! HAHA! The old episodes! Does anyone else watch that show? Do you know how many times a day that show actually comes on?......ALOT. I don't know what it is abou the show, but I'm obsessed. My dad is a big fan too so I guess that I'm not totally alone! haha

My 5th obession was the Twilight series! I am currently on my 4th book. Its taking me longer to get through this book because I just don't want it to end! It's a great series and if you haven't already read it, you should!

Another obsession that I started and quickly ended was shopping. At first I was always going somewhere buying something buuuuuut I quickly stopped doing that. That is def. not something to do to pass the time....especially when you don't have any money!

And within all of these things I clean the house everyday. My mom really appreciates that. I dont mind doing it all. It passes the time and helps her out alot since she works all day.

Anyway...I think I've probably bored you all with my obsession rant! haha...I guess you can say that I am desperate for a topic of I can't wait to start working again!

Wordful Wednesday!

Good friends celebrating Mike's accomplishment! Way to go baby! Two down and 1 more to go and we will all have college degrees! :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I love NYC!

I love the Big Apple! The busy streets, tons of people, taxis everywhere, horse and carriages, tons of shopping, big tall buildings and great food! :) There is so much to love about NYC. It's definetely a place that everyone should visit before they leave this great Earth. I could never live there but I do enjoy visiting and I can't wait to go back. It's especially beautiful during Christmas time. Everything is decorated, Christmas music is on everywhere and it's just amazing!

This trip was my third. The first trip was with some friends back in 03. We were staying in Jersey and we took the train into the city for the day. Not much that you can do in one day but it was fun. We took a fairy ride to see the Statue of Liberty; went to the top of the Empire State Building and visited the WTC memorial. The second trip was last year with my mom, dad and little sister. It was so fun! We had to get use to the subway and taxis. Once you get the hang of it, it's not so bad :) We went to China Town, Little Italy and did ALOT of shopping :)

This trip was by far the most fun! :) I went with my mom, dad, little sister, big sister and niece! My big sister use to live in the city so she helped out alot with directions, shopping and good places to eat!

Our trip started off kind of rough. We were suppose to have a non-stop flight from Charleston to LaGuardia but due to high winds they kept pushing our flight back and weren't sure if we would even be able to fly out on Friday! We got lucky and were able to change our flight to a flight that took us through Philly and then to LaGuardia. They had to hold our plane and they actually were able to find our luggage and get it on the same plane! Imagine that. I guess my idea of the bright red and green shiny ribbon worked out nice huh? ;)

Once we got to Philly we had about 20 minutes to get to our connecting flight. Philly airport is huge! You've all seen the movies where the family is running as fast as they can to get to their flight with the Christmas music in the background?? Well yes, let's just say that was my family...and of course we did make it from gate A to F, yes F in 20 minutes with about 2 minutes to spare! HAHA!!! Even our bags made it too. So it all worked our for everyone and we landed two hours later than our original scheduled time!

We did alot of shopping and had so much fun! We ate lunch in the Trump Towers "YOU'RE FIRED!!", went to Tiffany's and had lunch in Time Square! I have some awesome pictures but I misplaced my camera battery charger and now I have to order one off-line before I can upload my pictures! I can't even turn the camera on!

Our hotel was very nice. We stayed at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers. If you are planning on taking a trip to NYC check it out. It's priced good and it's in a perfect location. Two avenues away from 5th Avenue (shopping) and just a handful of blocks away from Time Square! :)

I could go on and on about the city. I wish I was still there! It truly is amazing and everyone should go if you ever get the chance. Especially at Christmas time. I've been during the middle of the summer and it's not so great. The people of the city are great. Not everyone is mean like some people think they are. We met some very nice, sweet and respectful people. Don't ask for Sweet Tea if you are from the south because you will not find any anywhere! Only my momma would ask for Sweet Tea! haha

Oh and in case you were wanting some useless information....there are a grand total of 291 Starbucks in NYC! Can you believe that?!?! We had alot of Starbucks while we were there. It was very cold on Saturday. The wind chill was in the mid teens! Burr!! Good thing I am moving to Florida soon!

Aside from my NYC trip we had an Earthquake in Charleston today!!! I was laying in my bed sleeping and my whole bed and house started shaking and I heard a loud rumble. My mom started yelling and we all ran outside and the neighbors were out there too. We have lived in this house for 19 years and we never had an earthquake like that! Sometimes we have a small tremor but this time is was scary!!! We live on a fault line and it makes me nervous. You never think about things like that going on underneath the ground. It ended up being a 3.6 on the earthquake scale! Pretty big for an area like this. I sure hope nothing big is coming our way....although they have been saying that we are way overdue for a big one!

I will post pictures as soon as I can! I am anxious to see them on my computer screen instead of that small screen on the camera! :) Happy Tuesday everyone! Until then, I will post a few pictures of some Christmas decorations around my house!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Please pray!

Before I post my "Not Me Monday" post I want to take a moment and ask that everyone please say a special prayer for Kayleigh Freeman. Kayleigh has been fighting for her life since the day she was born (premature) almost 6 months ago. She has overcame so many hurdles already in her life and she needs a miracle from God. Please take a moment or two to say a powerful prayer for her and her parents, Aimee and Adam. They need all the support and prayers that they can get right now.

I have decided to post about my trip tomorrow. I had alot of fun. I really want to post my "Not Me Monday" because it's so much fun and it only comes around once a week! :) Don't forget to hope on over to MckMama's blog and read hers! :) Happy Monday!

I so totally did not forget to put my deodorant on before I flew out for my interview last week! I didn't feel paranoid alllllll day about the fact that I forgot my deodorant on such a big day!!!!!!

I did not totally laugh tonight when me and my best friend drove all the way back from Columbia (1.5 hour trip) only to realize that she left her purse back at Mikey's house. We did not have to call Mikey and ask him to meet us half way so that we could pick it up.

I did not enjoy spending this past weekend in NYC with my family :)

I did not get pissed when our non-stop flight from Charleston to NYC was canceled. I did not get excited when we were able to catch a connecting flight in Philly putting us there only two hours later than scheduled! :)

I did not eat a bunch of JUNK FOOD in the past week! Of course not me!! ;)

I did not get upset when I got an e-mail from the company down in Florida asking me if I was able to fill out my paperwork yet? Uhhhh I totally did not do that last week and mail it last Wednesday and I guess that the USPS DID NOT totally lose my important paperwork!! That paperwork is not what that company is waiting for to send me my offer and that paperwork does not contain my social security # like 5 times and my signature, address and date of birth!!!!!!!!

I did not wait too long to start this post only to have my "Not Me Monday" turn into a "Not Me Tuesday!" hehehe......

Ahhh off to bed now....again I am tired. I had a long day today. Congrats to my buddy Mikey! He received his B.S. in Exercise Science today from the University of South Carolina!!! YAY buddy!! I am so proud of you!! Way to go babe!! I can't believe that it has been 4 years since we graduated from high school!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm home!

Hey guys! We are back from our New York trip! :) We had such a great time! I will post about it tomorrow....let's say I am pooped! hehe

I want to thank everyone for their kind words about my last post :) It means so much to me that all of you care and support me like you do :) I have found some great friends through blogging and I can't explain how much better you all make me feel! Thank you ALL for being there :)

And Adam I will get back to your comment! :) I promise!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A new road that I'm taking....

I decided to share a very personal story with everyone in honor of Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop Writing Assignment. Hop on over to her blog to check her assignment out and leave a linky. Pick one of the prompts on her page and leave me a comment and I will check yours out.

Most of you already know how drastically my life has changed in the past couple of months and for those of you who don't I will fill you in a little.......

November 8, 2008 is a day I will never forget. It was the day that I was supposed to get married to the love of my life, David. We had dated for 3.5 years and were engaged last year on December 27th. I was the happiest girl in the world :) We were perfect for each other and life was good. In the months leading up to the big day I was busy planning our wedding and finishing up college. It's crazy to look back on that now and think that my college days are over with. I don't have too much to remember about them except that I worked the entire time I went to school, didn't party at all and didn't really make any new friends. All of that is okay with me because I enjoyed being somewhat independent, I didn't care to party and I already had amazing friends!

A couple of months before the wedding things changed. I'm not going to go into detail because it's very personal and I would like to keep some privacy for David and I. Ultimately the wedding was called off by David and at no one's fault but my own. I made some bad decisions in the weeks leading up to the wedding and they may be something that I have to live with for the rest of my life. When you hear people say that "life can change in the blink of an eye" you better believe it, because it can and it did.

I'm suppose to be a newlywed. I'm suppose to be Mrs. Howard David Schafer. I'm suppose to be filling out Christmas cards with our pictures on them! I'm crying as I write this because I look back on how perfect things were and think about how they ended up like we ended up like this. I don't understand it. Life was going so well for the two of us. We had a house to move in to, we were having a beautiful wedding and we were crazy in love. We had it all. What made me do what I did I'll never understand. I'm sorry that I hurt someone I loved so badly. God trusts us to do what is right and in this instance I failed him, David and myself. I already know that God has forgiven me and David has forgiven me but this is something that I'm not sure I will never be able to forgive myself for, especially if I lose David forever. I should have thought about what I was doing...I should have put him first...I should have handled the whole situation differently. I've realized alot through this.

I've grown up alot in the past few weeks and I've learned the importance of God in my life (more than ever before) and I've also realized that putting yourself first is hardly ever a good thing to do. Once you make a commitment to someone you should always honor that commitment and never back down; never give in to temptation and always respect the people you love. And never EVER take someone or something for granted.

Maybe if I would have been less selfish then David and I would be celebrating our one month anniversary together....we would have enjoyed our honeymoon together....we would now be talking about when we wanted to have our first baby. It's hard to think about these things and to think about the possibility of them never happening. I pray to God that he takes care of David and I....whatever the future may hold. If it's God's will then it will work. I just hope that we are apart of his plan and that David and I can move past this and one day get married and have the beautiful children that we've already named and talked about.

While I wait for God's plan to unfold....I've decided to take a new road. That is why I took this out of state job interview and that is why I'll be accepting the offer and taking the job. Yes it is in Tampa where I was suppose to be living already and yes it is only 30 minutes down the road from where David lives, but it's something I need to do. I hope and pray that I get this job. It's time that I grow on my own, support myself and take care of myself for once. I've always lived at home and I've always had help. Not anymore....I'm ready. I'm ready to go. I'm ready to see what life has to offer. I'm ready. I've been ready and that's why I'm going. Although this is not exactly what I saw in my future, I'm ready for it anyway. Everything will be okay. God is here. God is there. God is everywhere.

We are going to.......

New York City tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Me, Mom, Dad, Little Sister, Big Sister and niece are all flying to NYC tomorrow for the weekend! YAY! We went last year and had a blast! Can't wait! Pray for good weather and a safe flight for us! I will blog when I return.
Oh yeah...if you haven't heard the good news yet.....scroll down two posts and see what I have to say! *grin*
Have a nice weekend everyone!

Friends Award

Don't forget to check out the good news below this post! :)
I just received my very first award from my friend over at Following Him! How sweet huh?! It made my day. Please check out my friend's blog :) It's one of my favorites! I have made so many great friends on here and I love you all! :)
This award represents this: "These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find, and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers." Now I'm supposed to pass it on to 8 bloggers!

This is who I am tagging! :)

Michelle over at The Griffith Family. Long time family friend who I love like a big sister!
Debi over at Who Says 8 is Enough? Amazing Sweet mama to a whole lotta beautiful kiddos :)
Emily over at Living our own fairy tale. Sweet friend who has been very supportive and encouraging these past few weeks!
Mandy over at Jack and Mandy. Funny newlywed whose always got a story to tell! :)
Elaine over at Matters of the Heart. Fun momma whose always got cute pictures and stories about what her kids are up to! :)
Casandra over at Cassie-anns life. Momma to 6 beautiful kids with another on the way! :)
Melissa at The Crazy Daisy! Hilarious and very creative momma whose expecting again!
Little Bits Of Heaven! I love these little peaches!! :) I know you've already received the same award from Following Him but you are a favorite of mine too!

These are some of my buddies! I have alot more and I love to read everyone's blog! You all are so special to me and I can feel your prayers working! Thank you ALL for being so supportive and encouraging! :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh my gosh.....

Just got a call............

From the staffing agency who hooked me up with the job interviews...............

Looks like an offer is being drawn up as soon as they receive my application in the mail..........

Oh my GOSH!!!!!!!! ****grin grin grin grin grin***

Looks like I'll be heading to St. Petersburg, FL soon! Ahhhh!!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

UPDATE: I'm exhausted!

Ok so I ended up getting about 3 hours of sleep last night....and today I flew to Tampa, ate lunch, interviewed and flew back all in about 12 hours! I'm pooped......

.....which means that interview details will have to wait until tomorrow!

I will give you a hint....... *grin*

Oh yeah....I got a fun trip planned this weekend with my family.....guess where we are going?! Come on! Guess....

I will give you a hint......its not in Florida *grin*

UPDATE: So my day started super early. I woke up at 4:40am (only got 3 hours of sleep) and left my house about 5:30am. My flight to Atlanta was good and then my flight to Tampa was good. My interviewers picked me up at the airport and it was NOTHING like I expected!!! They were fun, goofy and very very nice. It made me feel so relaxed!

They took me to a really nice seafood restaurant on the Bay and we sat outside on the water! We talked about me some, the company some and then spent most of the time talking about other stuff! went so well!!!! I was actually overdressed in my suit because they forgot to tell me business casual so that my flight wouldn't have been wasn't bad....the only thing that bothered me was the damn high heels! UGH! But I did look nice and at least I wasn't under-dressed!

I asked one of the women if they had any other candidates that they were looking at and she said "yes......but you are the only one we've taken to lunch!" (as she nudged me and winked at me) how would you take that?!

I am so excited to hear back! They were very impressed with my resume and with the experience that I've had on top of just graduating. It looks like I'm just the person they're looking for!

God was with me yesterday....I felt his presence all day yesterday. He spoke through me, helped me to gather my thoughts and helped me keep calm. Thank you all for your prayers to get me through yesterday! Don't give up yet! A decision still has to be made from the company's side, so please please please keep the prayers going! :)

I'd write some more but I don't actually feel too good today. Only getting 3 hours of sleep on Monday really messed me I'm going to go lay back down! Happy Hump Day! :)

Only 2 more days until our trip.......any guesses on where we are going?! *grin*

Monday, December 8, 2008

I have to wake up in less than 5 hours!

So of course I couldn't resist to see the Bucs play tonight because of course they don't usually show their games locally because they're down there in Florida. But since they played the Carolina Panthers tonight it was on TV....'s sad.....they lost but they both played one hell of a game! Too bad BUCS! :) I still love ya! Good job did awesome tonight!

Ok sooooo now that the game is over and I'm had enough interview preparation and company analysis I am hitting the sack! I am waking up at 4:40am to be at the airport by 6:00am! Wish me luck everyone! I am so excited and nervous! :)

Tampa Bay Bucs vs. Carolina Panthers

Whose Ready for some Monday Night Football?!

Whose ready to see Tampa Bay give Carolina ANOTHER ass whoopin' this season?!

Tune in to ESPN (South East) at 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time!!

Go Tampa Bay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Not Me Monday! (early)

***UPDATE: I fly out tomorrow morning at 6:40am and I will be back in Charleston by 5:11pm! Ahhh!! So short! Wish me luck! Thanks for all of the interviewing tips....keep 'em coming guys!! :)

Ok so those of you who follow my blog (publicly and anonymously) know that I have not done a "Not Me" post in a while! Well it's time that I jump back into it! It's fun and there are alot of people out there who enjoy it just as much as I do. I was inspired by All My Kids 123 as well as the originator MckMama! So here goes! Enjoy everyone and I hope you all have a fabulous Monday! ;)

***"Not Me Monday" Button would not work for me!!!!

I did not eat Mc Donald's today and have cheetohs for a snack! UGH!

I did not let my mother talk me into getting a Belk charge card that I did not need only so that she could use it.......?

I did not research the company I'm interviewing with and study their many products for 4 hours today because I am just so freaking excited about my job interview!!! Not me! :)

I did not realize today that this job is an amazing opportunity that could not have arised without the help from someone up above! ;)

I did not get sad because I probably won't make it back into town for my little sister's band concert on Tuesday :(

I did not watch Old School, Bring It On and a little bit of Night at the Roxbury on TBS today! LOL

I did not absoultely enjoy going out into the freezing cold tonight with my family to get our Christmas tree!!

I did not absolutely enjoy going to get hot chocolate at Starbucks after we got our Christmas tree!!

I did not already wrap all of the Christmas presents that I've bought! ;)

I did not almost go running the other day and when I couldn't find my running shorts decide not to go! Not me! Of course I really did go and jog like a good girl! HAH!

I did not just realize that I have bills due in a week that I can't pay! :( It sucks to be unemployed.....

I did not watch the St. Clause twice this week because I absolutely LOVE that movie!

I DID NOT do any of these things!! :)

Ok so I am totally nervous about Tuesday. Does anyone have any professional interviewing tips they would like to share? I have never had an interview this big before (other than the phone interview) and I just want to do/say the right things. I want to knock this interview out of the park and seal the deal! I want/need this job so bad! Does anyone have any comments? I am wearing a brown pin striped business suit and was going to put my hair up in a braided does that sound? I also have a black suit....but the brown is my favorite....brown is ok right?
Anyway....I'm open to any comments/suggestions that you guys have! So please share them :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

UPDATE: God works in mysterious ways!

GREAT NEWS TODAY GUYS!!!! All those prayers I've been getting must have worked because I GOT A CALL BACK! The company is flying me down for another interview!! Ahhh!! Do you know what this means? I probably got the job! I can't explain how BIG this is and I can't thank you all enough for saying wonderful prayers for me! :) :) :) I am overflowing with excitement!!! God does have a's just different than what I thought it was.

What a great thing to wake up to today huh?!?! I had to put on my "awake" voice because I was so sleeping when they called me today......*ahem* at 9:30am! HAHA...yes I know...S-L-A-C-K! But what's a girl to do when she's unemployed and depressed?!

So keep praying that my interview next week goes well. I'm not sure about my flight information yet or what day they're flying me in (I don't even have to pay for the plane ticket!!) but I will post again once I find out! Today is a GREAT day :) Thank you God for taking care of things!

Now I'm freaking out and nervous...this job is serious and this job is what I went to school for! It's hard to believe that such a wonderful opportunity that presented itself to me so quickly and I am only 22 years old! How exciting!

Ahhhh!! I am a big chicken! I don't like being alone in my own house by myself!! What the heck am I going to do in a big city with no friends or family all by myself!? Welcome to adulthood Heather....hang on tight...there is no turning back now! *eeeeeeeck*

Update: I fly out on Tuesday morning for a lunch interview with 4 or 5 people! I fly back home the same day! Ahhh!! :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Job Search Update

Well I had my big interview today! It was very scary and nerve wracking! It was probably one of the most intense interviews I've ever had. I get the feeling that this job may be a little bit over my head? Ugh....lack of confidence....that has always been a problem I've struggled with! I guess we will see. I need this job....more than anything else in the world right now. Other than that interview....the job search isn't going very well for me. There doesn't seem to be anything that fit my needs in Charleston, SC.

I feel myself getting deeper and deeper into a rut. My life right now is now how it's supposed to be.....I want to me married......too the man of my dreams......I can't accept the way things least not right now. I want things to be different....although it's completely my fault they are the way they are....How do we move on? How do we forgive ourselves? How do we pick up the pieces and live with the thought of never knowing what life would have been like? *sigh* I don't know what to do with myself anymore.....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Prayers Please

Ok my blogging buddies! I need all of you to get together and say a huge prayer for me! I am waiting to hear back from a company about a really big job that I interviewed for back in October. It is out of state and I know that my plans had changed to leave me here in South Carolina but I want this job!!! I need this job and back in October they told me that they went ahead and filled the position because I couldnt start right away (because of the wedding). Well the position is still open and they are still interested in me. PLEASE pray that I get this job and pray that they want to interview again. After all that has been going on these past few weeks I think that maybe, just maybe things can start to turn around if I get this job. Com'on Jesus! ;)

ps...I'm almost done with the 3rd Twilight book and someone in the book just got engaged *sigh*...there is no escaping it.....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Ok soooooooo many of my blogging buddies have been discussing this book/movie called "Twilight". I too am completely obsessed!! I am currently reading the second book and I have been 3 places trying to find the third book! Everyone is sold out and the movie hits theaters this weekend! I am excited. For those of you who aren't familiar with the story it's about a 17 year old girl who moves to a small town in Washington state called Forks. She falls madly in love with a vampire....I'll stop here.....most of you probably think....ehhh vampires? But let me tell you! The book is awesome! I guarantee once you start reading it you won't put it down. Stephanie Meyer is an amazing author. So get out, get the book and read it......the movie is about the first book and from what I's the new Harry Potter! :) Let me now what you think about the book if you've read it! We can all be obsessed together! haha

Edware Cullen.....*sigh* hehe :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Trying to get by....

Where to begin.....

My life is not the same as it was two weeks ago. I don't even know where to begin and I honestly can't believe that I've had the courage to get on here again......David and I broke up.....not a decision that I was for but it needed to be done. Let's just say that I was the one that caused everything. I don't want anyone thinking badly of David or thinking he was the reason why all of this happened. I guess the first step to healing is admitting to a problem and I was the problem. David and I still talk and we are going to see where time takes the two of us. We both believe strongly that if God wants us together than we will be together. God has a plan and everything happens for a reason. I really appreciate the kind comments and encouraging words from everyone on here and I'm glad that I read them. I'm coming back to blog....I really love it and I've met some great people on here. So please keep coming back :)

We will get through this.....God will lead the way. I never thought something like this would happen but it just never know about life......

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

You never know about life

I just want everyone to know that my life has taken an unexpected turn this week. There is no wedding on Saturday and I will not be moving to Tampa, FL like planned. You never know what life holds for you. I ask that all of you please keep David and I in your prayers during this tough time for the both of us. Please pray that things work out for the two of us. I won't be blogging for a while, so don't worry about me. Take care everyone.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Sorry for the "hiatus" guys! I had to take an emergency trip to Tampa a couple of days ago. All is well and I will be back to the blogging world tomorrow!! :)

Only 9 days until our wedding! Ahhhhh!!!!! :)

Too bad the Rays didn't win last night.....they played a good season! Maybe next year!

Go Bucs!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Rainy Friday!

This week has been absolutely beautiful!

Until today, 90% chance of rain!

Our camping trip may not happen......

Unless the sun decides to shine!

We plan on cooking steaks and smores.....

And go on bike rides.....

I'll be sad if I don't get to go....

Because this will be my last time!

Pray for the rain to stop because we want to go! :) This is my very last camping trip before I move in two weeks :( I will be hiatus this weekend unless the trip is a no-go! :) Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Way back Whens-day!!

"David and I on our 1st Anniversary Dating- Don't we look so young?!" It's hard to believe that it has been almost 3.5 years since we started dating! I love you so much!
Today is Hump Day! Yahoooooo! Almost weekend time and almost camping time. Yes I am going camping AGAIN this weekend. I'm super excited! There are alot more people going this time and not as many it should be a little less hectic! haha....not that I mind the kids! I know that I need to post pictures from the camping trip and I swear that tonight I will! ;) In the meantime, enjoy your Wednesday and enjoy my photo for the day. THEN hop on over to my to check out my blogging buddies sites! Who Says 8 is Enough?, Twinfatuation, and Deanna!!

*I want to thank everyone who stopped by to chear me up yesterday and thank Debi for posting a blog about me to get people to help me out. It means SO MUCH that you guys all care! I am so glad that I started this blog. You guys are some great people! hehe :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two for Twos-day!

"The Mr. and Mrs. in 2.5 weeks!"
I love this man so so so so much! He is my rock, my best friend and my soul mate.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Share pictures of your favorite two-some whether it's pets, friends, family, etc! Come on and join in on the fun....then head over to Eight is Great, Twinfatuation, and Debi to check out their very own Two for Twos-day fun! :)


Ok.....I am in serious need of a pick me up....come on fellow bloggers....make me feel better!!!!! Do anything!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Hello everyone! Today is Not Me Monday....again hosted by MckMama! Hop on over to her blog! It's one of my favorites and she is due any day now with her 4th child! I guarantee you once you start reading her blog you won't stop! She's a lot of fun and could use some prayers ;) I hope everyone enjoys their Monday! Pictures from my weekend camping are coming soon! :)

I did not over indulge myself to smores, steak, hot dogs, soda, popcorn, boiled peanuts and lots of other yummy snacks with the kiddos this weekend while camping! Not me! That would make me a baby hog!!!

I did not get soaken wet on Friday night in my water proof tent!!

I did not freeze my butt off on Saturday night because the temperature outside was in the low 50's!! hehe...good thing I did not have a cuddly little girl to sleep with :)

I did not wash my hair with body wash on Saturday because I did not bring shampoo!

I did not refuse to take a shower on Sunday because I didn't feel like it...ooops...not me!

I did not order my Chic Fil A Vanilla milkshake without whip cream so that they could fit it into a regular cup so that the 4 kids who were with me wouldn't ask for one!

I did not get super excited last night when the Rays won their spot in the World Series and when Tampa Bay Bucs beat the Seahawks! Yahooooo!!!

I did not cry alot today :(

I did not ignore my unresonably dirty bedroom when I got home today and ignore the fact that it needs to be cleaned NOW!

I did not leave work early today because I was having a bad day :(

I did not put my two weeks notice in at work today :(

I did not cry on the phone to my daddy today because I am so scared about moving and about all of the changes I am about to make!

I did not finish my thank you cards that really need to go out!!! hehe.....I really didnt finish them and it's bothering me.

I did not have another fun filled weekend with my family this weekend :) What am I going to do without them?!?!

Ahhh life is so hard sometimes! I need some more strength God! Please take care of me! :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Foto Fiesta Fun!

My theme for Friday Foto Fiesta is my bridal shower last weekend. I never posted any pictures from the fun day so I am going to post a few today! If you want to play along, comment me and let me know so I can check out your post. Have a great weekend everyone. I am going camping with my family and close friends until Sunday so I will be hiatus until then!! Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

7 Total Truthful Random Facts About Me Thursday

Hah...ok so I made that up. But I was over at My Life With Four Kids and she was tagged to write about 7 random things about herself. She didn't tag me and I didn't have a topic for my post today so I decided to steal the idea *wink*. Thanks alot Jennifer! I tagged 7 people down at the bottom but if you want to play along, please do, and let me know and I will link you!! :) Have fun and enjoy your Thursday! It's almost Friday!! YAY! :)

1. I have an obsession with bacon. Totally random right? Probably not, but the funny thing behind this is that about 6 or 7 years ago I got sick off of one of those cheese hotdogs and I swore to myself that I would never eat hotdogs, bacon, ham, pork, sausage again. Then, one day, I smelled a hotdog, wanted one and started to eat all of those things again. Now I am obsessed. I love BLTs; I love microwavable bacon; I love bacon with my pancakes and I could probably eat it everyday and not get sick of it. Weird I know.....

2. I want 4 or 5 kids. I love kids. My favorite age is when they're really little. Probably from newborn until about 6ish. After that they don't want to be held anymore and they want to do everything themselves. I want 4 or 5. Not all at once though. I don't know how mommas of multiples do it! I have so much respect for them. But, if that's what God has planned for me, then that's what David and I will do. I would like to have my children about 2 or 3 years apart but we will just have to see what God has planned for us!! :) We'll take whatever we can get!

3. I sometimes wish that I had the guts to be a doctor. Too bad this will never happen. If I could be a doctor, I would probably be a heart surgeon or a pediatrician. I can't ever imagine having someone else's life in my hands (other than my children). I wouldn't be able to handle it if they didn't make it for whatever reason. Being a doctor is just not for me. On the other side, I'm done with school. I got my B.S. and so I'm done. Not a big fan.

4. I'm addicted to blogging. I love blogging. I haven't been doing is very long but it is so much fun. There is such a big world out there full of fun people. I have about 40 or so blogs that I read daily and I honestly only know about 5 or 6 of them in real life. I'm not even sure how I came across most of them but I'm glad that I did. They're fun and I enjoy reading them everyday.....even if that makes me a little stalkerish...oh come on!! We all do it!! haha ;)

5. I can't stand it when someone pops their gum. It drives me NUTS! You know that one thing that a person can do that'll drive you insane? Yup that's it for me. You can scream, holler, even punch me, but PLEASE PLEASE don't pop your gum around me!

6. I played lacrosse and tennis in high school. I was much much better at lacrosse than I was tennis. I wish I still played. Boy did it keep you in shape! I'm actually in pretty good shape right now I must say (thanks to running) but I miss the good ol' high school days of lacrosse. I would play doubles in tennis and I could never really control the power of my hit. My balls would go out and sometimes even over the fence! Lacrosse, on the other hand, I was the #1 scorer on my team. Once I got the ball, I was gone.......I miss it alot.

7. I am deathly afraid of snakes! Enough said!

You've been tagged!!!!

My Big Sister Brandy

My awesome cousin April


Momma of a whole lotta kids


Deanna at Eight is Great!


Have fun!!! ;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Way Back When-esday!

"Jewel, Crystal and Me in Maggie Valley, NC-Ski Trip 2005"

YAY! Today is Wednesday. That means the week is half over and that also means that I get to share an oldie with you guys. Since my post yesterday was dedicated to my two very best friends I decided a cute oldie of us would be great for today's post!!!

Join in on the fun! Share a special picture and memory by playing along with Way Back When-esday! Be sure to link back to Twinfatuation and share in the web-wide photo album session!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two for Twos-day:Double Edition!

"Me and my best friend of 13 years, Crystal"

Crystal and I met in the 4th grade and became good friends. We were seperated during Middle School because she went to a different one than me and Jewel. The three of us met back up in high school and became best friends and have been ever since. Crystal is my heart. This girl means so much to me and she is the most kindest, loving, amazing best friend that anyone could ever have. She has the most generous and caring personality and I know that we will always be the best of friends. I could not imagine my life without this girl, my best friend, my sister :) I love you so much C :) Thank you for always being there for me. We look alike, somewhat, and we've actually been called twins before! hehe

"Me and my best friend of 13 years, Jewel"

This is my other best friend, Jewel. I love this girl to death. She and I have been friends for almost 13 years. We met in the 4th grade and went through Middle and High School together. I am going to miss her so much when I move away in a few weeks. We've always been inseperable. I love you Jewel! You will always be my best friend no matter where I go. We have so many great memories together. Not only is she my best friend, but she is my sister and she holds a very special place in my heart and always will :) Thank you for always being there for me. We kind of look like sisters here! hehe

Please come and share a photo of your "two some" whether it be a photo of your twins, siblings, friends, husand/wife, get the "picture"!! I will link you in my blog if you leave me a comment saying you posted!! Here is my picture, and as always, thanks for playing along!!! :)

Don't forget to hop on over to Eight is Great and Who Says 8 is Enough to see who else is playing along! ;) I just love two for Twos-day! :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Not Me Monday Please!

Today is Not Me Monday again! Every week hosted over at MckMama’s blog! Check it out and join in on the fun. It’s very therapeutic!

I did not write this at work AGAIN! LOL…nope not me….

I did not take a piece of the cake with white icing this weekend so that my teeth would not turn black from the black icing like everyone else’s did. I guess there is an advantage to being the cake cutter! HAHA

I did not stay out until 2am on Saturday night bowling with about 15 of my family (including mom and dad) and friends! Nope not me :)

I did not go out in the rain last night to purchase 40 thank you cards because I need to get them out ASAP!

I did not pay $25 to have my polka dot dress re-fitted after losing weight only to have it not fit me again this weekend…..

I did not gloat to my friend Angela because Tampa Bay kicked butt yesterday against the Carolina Panthers….27 to 3….Go Bucs!

I did not decide to lay around all day yesterday watching football and eating Doritos, fried fish and a huge Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate Chip muffin (which I could not finished by the way).

I did not decide after watching football and eating junk that going for a run on a rainy Sunday would be a bad thing to do! Nope not me…no way!

I did not make smart comments within earshot to the “nice and slow” lady who did the kids face painting at the Festival this weekend….talk about super slow….my lord…..I knew the other line would have been better!!!

I did not pile all of my wedding gifts into my room this weekend because I wanted to watch football instead of organize my room!

I did not watch episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice on-line because I didn't feel like watching the commercials!

I did not get any duplicates at my bridal shower this weekend…..because Target is just a lovely and stress free place to shop! Blah!

I did not cry when my mom gave me her beautiful orange glass dish that has been in the family for decades at my bridal shower! *tear*

I do not wish that I had another piece of my bridal shower cake in my possession! Ugh!

I am not going for a run today!

I did not have a really emotional weekend because I started thinking about how freaking bad I am going to miss everyone in my life when I move :(

I did not thoroughly enjoy my fun-filled with family, friends and fun weekend!! Not me!

I do not absolutely adore my friends and family for making my life so special all the time in anyway that they can. I LOVE them all so much!

***Another post coming today with pictures to recap my lovely weekend :)***

Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Foto Fiesta Fun!!!

Happy Friday y'all! :) I am back to feeling like my perky self again. Thank you all for the nice comments that you left about how you deal with yourself when you are upset. It's nice to know that there are others out there who read my blog. Thank you so much for the encouragement and support!

Now today is Friday! Who's happy?! I am! I got so much stuff going on this weekend. Although it looks like it might rain......I sure hope not. I would like to go for a run today because I doubt that I will be able to go tomorrow with my bridal shower and all. I can't wait until Sunday for the Tampa Bay Bucs and the Carolina Panthers game!! They're showing it on local TV because of the Panthers playing. The panthers are 4 and 1 right now and the Bucs are 3 and 2. So if the Panthers lose they will be tied. Look at me....acting like I'm a pro and acting like I really know what I'm talking about! HAH! In due due time. I will be one of those freaks (no offense) that ride around with the big flags hanging off the side of the car, with the window clings and license plates! LOL....Dave won't allow it I'm sure of it! honor of it being F-R-I-D-A-Y, I decided to follow along with Friday Foto Fiesta! Now this picture that I posted was last Halloween. I was a last minute mouse! It was fun and I had these really cute black and orange striped socks with little ghost bells that jingled when you walk with shiny black shoes! What should I be this year? Any good ideas?! I'm stumped and I'm running out of tiempo! Are any of you dressing up this year? I don't want to be anything scary because I will be trick or treating with a bunch of kids (supervising...haha). I don't like masks (they smell weird) and I don't like alot of make-up....sooo any ideas? I would like to make my coustume but if I have to buy one then I probably will.
So feel free to comment on any good ideas that you guys have! :) Happy Friday!!
Also FLY on over to Who Says 8 Is Enough? and Terri and Deanna and Candid Carrie to see who else is playing along! Have fun! Don't forget to post your Favorite Foto For the Friday Foto Fiesta Fun!! haha :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Second post of the day

Since I'm feeling a little better than earlier I decided to do a cute little post today....hope on over to Mama's Losin' It to choose a prompt and write your own. Hope you have fun :)
I chose the "When I'm Upset" prompt because of the day I'm funny! Maybe this will help me feel better! Hope so!

When I'm upset.....

I am quiet. I usually keep to myself and think constantly about what it is that is bothering me.

I bite my nails and stare off into space, again thinking about what it is that is bothering me.

I have a very hard time focusing my attention on other, probably more important things, such as working, driving, etc. (hehe)

I don't like people to ask me what is wrong. This really drives me insane. Sometimes people just have a bad day and it's nice to know that people care but me personally, I would rather have someone encourage me and cheer me up rather than ask me what is wrong. It's hard, especially at work, being around so many people and everyone knows something is wrong when I'm not my usually perky, bubbly, loud self!

I like to clean things.

I like to eat.....E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! Speaking of eating...I just had some popcorn. At least it was the 98% fat free smart pop popcorn :)

I like to run. I can always count on running to help improve my mood. I haven't been but one time in the last week and it's killing me. I am looking forward to my run today....especially today. I can guarantee that this is the one thing that will help chear me up today...oh yeah and the fact that GREY'S ANATOMY is coming on at 9pm tonight on ABC! Watch it! Love it! :)

I like to cry. Crying, believe it or not, helps me feel better too when I'm upset. I did a little bit of that today and that's probably why I feel ok right now...still not 100% but improving.

Well I think I'm done now...this post is probably the most boring, sad and depressing post ever but it helped a little bit. Come on 4:30!

Feeling depressed

Blah....I am not myself today....I think I am getting a little overwhelmed with everything. The cloudy skys outside don't help much either. I need a pick me up.....HELP! I should be happy, not stressed and depressed!......sometimes I hate being a female! haha :)

I got a pretty busy weekend ahead. I have my bridal shower #2 on Saturday! I am super excited. I know nothing about best friend/maid of honor is throwing it for me with the help of my momma and some other bridesmaids. I'm sure it'll be alot of fun. Crystal is very talented and she's a great party planner! :)

I have plans to go to a Fall Festival and the Pumpkin Patch....but those may not follow through. We will see. I am also planning to go out with some friends on Saturday night maybe for dinner and a movie or maybe to do something "scary" and Halloween related!

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday......maybe I'll chear up as the day goes on. I sure hope so because feeling like this is not fun at all.

I miss you David :(

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wayback When-sday!

"Me....eating Chocolate and playing in the Kiddie Pool- 1987"

It's Wayback When-sday guys! Come on in and join the fun and then hop on over to Who Says 8 is Enough? to see who else is playing along! :) Have a happy happy hump day! :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not Me Tuesday! HAHA

Ok so I totally have my days mixed up because of my trip and I thought today was Monday, but I was wrong, and today is Tuesday! I am going to do a double post today because Monday and Tuesday are my favorite days to blog! The first thing I am going to post about is "Not Me Mondays!" in honor of MckMama. She started this fun game a couple of weeks ago. I'm sad that I missed it yesterday so I am going to post it anyway. I hope you all still enjoy reading about the things that I DID NOT do this week!! here goes!

*I did not eat an entire bag of gummy worms and drink an entire sugar free red bull, yes sugar free, on my drive home yesterday because I was so sleepy! Nope NOT ME!

*I did not call, first the GA highway patrol, and second the SC highway patrol on my way home from Tampa yesterday because there was a family driving next to me that had an 8 month old in the front seat with 2 other toddlers in the back seat with no child restraints anywhere to be found in the car!!! Ok so I really did do this and it really pisses me off the lack of concern and low regard that some people have for their children! Unbelievable! It's ok....the state trooper got them good! On top of all that the guy was driving about 90+ mph when he came around the bend where the trooper was.....let's just say I laughed as I drove by......pathetic.

*I did not forget that my car payment is due in two days and I have not mailed my check yet!!

*I did not get excited over the weekend because I now wear a size 10 pants!!!! YAY!!! :)

*I did not get lost on my way home yesterday because I completely missed the exit I knew was the right one! haha

*I did not fail to unpack my suitcase last night because I was ready to pass out!

*I did not give a cute firefighter my best friend's phone number last night because she thought he was cute and he was flirting with her! Nope, not me!

*I did not post this at work again!

*I did not just totally PIG OUT on a mini smart pop bag of popcorn and a Diet Coke! Yum!

*I did not just realize that I am moving my stuff to Tampa in 3 weeks!!

*I did not just realize that I am getting married in 4 weeks!!

*I did not just completely stress myself out by remembering E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G that needs to be done in the next 3 weeks....Oh My Gosh!

*I did not do any of these!! Nope! hehe ;)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Going home tomorrow

I have officially decided that I am going to become a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! They are playing the Denver Broncos as I type. I'm excited about this because SC doesn't really have a pro NFL team, other than the Panthers. I've always been just a super bowl watcher and maybe I would catch a NFL game every once in a while. It's pretty neat that Tampa Bay has such a really good team. The superbowl in 2009 is actually being held in the Bucs stadium! I can't imagine how crazy this city will be in Feburary. I am so completely excited about moving here. I cannot wait! :) Tampa is such a beautiful city with so much to see and do.

We went and looked at the house today and it was beautiful! David's dad completely gutted the whole house and redid everything; completely remodeled kitchen, bathroom, paint, carpet, ceramic tile, appliances, etc. It's like walking into a brand new home :) We are so very blessed and lucky that his parents have offered for us to rent from them. It is a very beautiful home and we cannot wait to live in it and make it the "Schafer Home." Ahhhh!!!! I am so excited about my life right now!!! I just can't explain how happy David and I are! :) :) :)

I hope to hear back from my interview soon! I may be coming back to Tampa before the wedding to interview again. Please pray for me! This job is for a company called General Dynamics (they're huge) and it would be a GREAT opportunity for my career! I already have an advantage because of my previous government contract experience so we will see!!

I am going to go finish the Tampa Bay game.....I think they're about to lose. It's ok though....I have officially declared myself as a fan and I will be faithful and love them no matter what! HAHA....

We are going to go to dinner now! :) BYE!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Enjoying Tampa

*Some of my Photography*

Today I spent the day with Dave's mom and sister (Toni and Madison). We went shopping for about 4 hours! :) It was fun. Dave's mom and dad got David and I some things for our wedding since she can't make it to the bridal shower next weekend. She got us our Lenox Opal Innocence knife and cake server set, our Opal Innocence Guest Book and our Opal Innocence toasting flutes! :) All of it is so beautiful! I am so excited that she got that stuff for us :) Since David slept most of the day (he worked overnight last night) I played Mario Brothers in the WII with David's brother. He kicked my butt. It has been FOREVER since I've played Mario Brothers! haha.....brings back good memories.

We are about to head over to eat a lovely dinner at Davids Grandma's house. She is making brisket, mashed potatoes and something else because yesterday was Mrs. Toni's birthday! I ate light today so that I could enjoy such a big meal! Yum! :)

Well I better get going! Tomorrow is going to be nice. David is off work and we are going to go look at his parents' condo that we will be renting in about 4 weeks! Yup we have a place to live!! :) We were orignally going to move in with the parents for a few months, but they've offered to let us rent from them. So cool!! :0) We are also going to pay our rings off!! And get them engraved so that they're ready to go for the wedding!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

In Tampa until Monday

"Me on the way to Tampa yesterday...I was in the middle of nowhere!"

Hey everyone! Well I made it to Tampa. My first road trip alone! It took me right around 7 hours to drive from Charleston to Tampa. Not too bad....there was hardly any traffic and the weather was perfect (blue sky all the way). Hopefully the ride home Monday will be the same. I got really sleepy towards the end of the trip, but I'm glad that I made it here safely.

Well tomorrow I have my interview! Wish me luck! It's for a great position and I'm super nervous. I have to leave at 8am to get to the interview by 10am. That is how crazy the traffic is around here! I am in for such a HUGE change of pace.....I'm so use to my small town traffic.....lordy...WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?! hehe

Well I must run on to bed now...David is working the night shift tonight :( I will post again tomorrow! Night everyone :) Please say a prayer for me....oh yeah and for David....his knees have been hurting him so bad lately when he works.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Hop on over to Wordless Wednesday to see who else is playing along! :) I'm #370!